Chinese ixora Propagation from Seed, Layering & Cutting

Written by Maggie

Oct 16 2021

Chinese ixora Propagation from Seed, Layering & Cutting

The propagation methods of Chinese Ixora include sowing, layering and cutting, and the most commonly used is cutting propagation in ordinary families. So, how should Chinese Ixora propagate? Let's see the details.

Chinese Ixora

Chinese Ixora Propagation from Cutting

Cutting time

Chinese Ixora cutting propagation is carried out in June to July. At this time, select the semi-mature branches, cut off 10-15cm, insert them into the soil, keep the temperature at 24-30 ℃, and root for 40-50 days.


The quality of cuttings will affect the growth of seedlings and also the growth of plants. The pruning method of fine branches:

It is usually cut in spring and summer, when the plant will produce many tender strips. Cut when the plant is 8-12 cm long.

In clear evenings, strong and disease-free branches, 10 to 14cm in length and 3mm in diameter, are selected, usually the main branches with side branches or strong pruning.

Handling of cuttings

Chinese Ixora has different varieties, and the degree of difficulty of hair roots is also different. Usually small - leaved short varieties are more easy to root, and large - leaved varieties root are difficult, so it should be done before cutting processing:

Rooting can be promoted by treatment with auxin such as indole butyric acid (IBA) or naA, or by immersion with low concentration of rooting agent for 12~24 hours or high concentration for 6~8 hours.

Clay for cutting

When we propagate Chinese Ixora by cutting, choose the right soil, which can promote the root rate. Cutting soil adheres to water, clean, strong permeability, mainly choose perlite, vermiculite, river sand mixed.

Single perlite can be used in summer to increase drought tolerance of plants and reduce soil temperature. In the south, it is best to use river sand mixed with perlite in equal proportion. The river sand is placed at the bottom, and then a layer of perlite is spread.


The soil, the branches, the curing site, all of these are ready, the rest of the work is cuttings. Put the treated branches in the soil 3~5 cm deep, pour a small amount of water, put it in a cool place, wait for the roots.

Chinese Ixora

Chinese Ixora Propagation from Seed

Seeds mature in winter, and the next spring apply sowing propagation of Chinese Ixora, germination temperature is 22 ~ 24℃, indoor seedling plate sowing, about 20 ~ 25 days germination. When 3 ~ 4 pairs of true leaves grow, seedlings can be transplanted in an 8 cm basin.

But the mature stage is longer. In the case of many and dense branches, it can also be used to propagate, 20 cm from the top, a ring peat, with peat and film binding,

Roots can heal in about 2 months.

Chinese Ixora Propagation from Layering

Chinese Ixora with many branches and dense plants are peeled in a ring about 20 cm from the top and wrapped with peat and film. Roots can heal in more than 2 months.

Chinese Ixora