6 tips for Chinese Ixora care

Written by Maggie

Oct 16 2021

6 tips for Chinese Ixora care

When we grow Chinese Ixora, it can be placed in the sun enough place, control the temperature at about 23 ~ 32℃. In stem and leaf growth period, often water to keep the pot soil moist, low temperature can keep the pot soil dry. In spring, summer and autumn season once a month to apply organic fertilizer or inorganic compound fertilizer liquid. Now let's see the Chinese Ixora caring tips.

Chinese Ixora

1. Environmental care for growing Chinese Ixora

Chinese Ixora is more suitable for growth in high temperature and sufficient sunshine environment, and can not tolerate low temperature. When we care for Chinese Ixora, plants can be placed in a sunny place, and the temperature of the environment can be controlled at about 23 ~ 32℃. When the temperature is lower than 20℃, flowering will be reduced.

2. Watering care for growing Chinese Ixora

Chinese Ixora likes to grow in a high humidity environment. During the growth, watering should keep the pot soil often moist. In the stem and leaf growth period it can be appropriate to increase the amount of watering, but not waterlogging, otherwise it will affect the growth and flowering of the plant. When the temperature gradually gets low, the amount of watering should also be gradually reduced.

3. Fertilizing care for growing Chinese Ixora

Fertilization is very important when we care for Chinese Ixora. Spring, summer and autumn are the flowering period of plants. At this time, water and fertilizer management should be strengthened.

4. Soil care for growing Chinese Ixora ​​​​​​​

Chinese Ixora's root system is relatively developed. During the growth period, it can be properly handled by changing pots to prevent root rot. At this time, the soil should be reformulated, and the mixed soil of pond mud, river sand and coconut bran should be used as the culture soil.

5. Overwintering care for growing Chinese Ixora ​​​​​​​

As Chinese Ixora has poor cold resistance, when the temperature is lower than 10℃, it will grow slowly and blossom sparsely. For indoor potted plants, the minimum temperature should be controlled at about 15℃. If the temperature is too low, artificial heating should be carried out, or plastic film should be covered for insulation to avoid frostbite.

 Chinese Ixora ​​​​​​​

6. Chinese Ixora care for disease control  

Leaf spot

If Ixora is washed by rain, it is easy to suffer from leaf spot disease, which is more harmful to the plant. If this disease is found in time, the diseased leaves can be removed in time and sprayed with disinfectant. It is necessary to loosen the soil in time for daily treatment and sweep the leaves.


Chinese Ixora is also easy to suffer from anthrax in the breeding process, and the bacteria will survive even in the cold winter, and can be spread by water. If this disease is found, the sick leaves can be removed in time, and at the same time, insecticides can be sprayed to prevent the spread of the disease.

Root rot

Root rot is also a common disease, mainly for the root of the plant, and will gradually decay. If not timely treatment, the plant will begin to spread toward the stem. We need to timely prune the rotting root, choose loose soil, re planting, for soil disinfection.

Downy mildew

Chinese Ixora is easy to suffer from downy mildew when it is cultivated in spring and autumn. This disease mainly harms the leaves of the plant, and in severe cases it will lead to the death of the plant. When the plant suffers from this disease, Plec and Gold Thunder can be sprayed; If the disease is serious, the pathogen should be removed in time.

 Chinese Ixora ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​