Alocasia Amazonica Propagation Guide

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

Alocasia Amazonica Propagation Guide

Alocasia Amazonica propagation mainly adopts four methods, namely, plant division propagation, tissue culture propagation, leaf insertion propagation and seed propagation. Let's talk about these methods in detail.

Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica Propagation from Division

Division propagation of Alocasia Amazonica is the most commonly used propagation method of Alocasia Amazonica. High temperature, especially in the spring and summer commonly 4-5 months, the mother from the basin, split along the tuber separation, separation plant, be careful, reduce the harm of root system, and then respectively in planted in the basin. If in the process of stripping away tuber inadvertently caused the wound, sulfur powder can be used for disinfection, or is treated with plant ash daub, in order to prevent the plant from becoming wet and decaying. Leaf rot soil or sandy loam rich in organic matter is the best and should be placed in a dank environment to grow.

Alocasia Amazonica Propagation from Leaf

Observe the growth of the mother plant, select several pieces of Alocasia Amazonica leaves with dark green color and healthy growth, and put them in the prepared nutrient soil. After waiting for a period of time, when new leaf buds and roots start to grow on the leaves, the roots can be transferred to the soil for subsequent normal cultivation.

Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica Propagation from Tissue culture

The leaves, petioles, or tubers of Alocasia Amazonica may be selected as explanations. The leaves were cut into small pieces, about 5 mm square or the tubers were cut into pieces, each piece was inoculated with a bud eye, then disinfected with alcohol and sterile water, and then cultured with nutrient solution. After the seedlings grew, they could be moved to the normal culture environment.

Alocasia Amazonica Propagation from Seed

The required seeds were collected from the mature and flowering Alocasia Amazonica, placed in a warm and moist environment, and then transplanted into a pot after the seedlings had grown. However, it is difficult to obtain the alocasia amazonica seeds, so this method is inconvenient and feasible.

Alocasia Amazonica