Alocasia amazonica profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Alocasia amazonica profile

Alocasia Amazonica is a Araceae arum plant. Alocasia Amazonica is a kind of high - grade indoor ornamental plant with a unique style.

Alocasia Amazonica picture

Alocasia Amazonica

Morphological characteristics of Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica is a perennial herb. A hybrid of A.Deriana and A.Lowii.Stem shortened, often with 6 ~ 4 leaves. Leaf arrow-shaped shield, 30 ~ 40 cm long, 10 ~ 20 cm wide, apex acute, sometimes caudate tip. The petiole is long, light green, margin 5 ~ 7 large dentate notched, main veins tri forked, lateral veins straight notched. Leaves are thick green, silvery white veins, margin surrounded by a very narrow silvery white ring, very striking, leaf back purplish-brown.

Propagation method of Alocasia Amazonica


In April to May, the mother plants out of the pot, breaks the mother plant next to the tubers where potted. If the tuber is stripped, there is a wound, and can use ash daub or sulfur powder disinfection, in order to prevent the pot when the wet rot.


Alocasia Amazonica can be used as an explanation in leaves, petioles and tubers. For example, the leaves were sterilized with 75% alcohol for 15 seconds under aseptic conditions, then disinfected with 0.1% mercury solution for 8 ~ 10 minutes, and rinsed with sterile water for 4 ~ 5 times. Cut the leaves into 0.5 cm square pieces for inoculation.Callus were induced by MS supplemented with 6-benzylamine 1 mg/l and 2, 4-d1 mg/l.Then 30 days after the differentiation of clumps of buds. After another 25 days, the clumps grow into seedlings, and the rooting medium was cut into 1/2 ms plus naphthoxyacetic acid 0.5 mg/l, and the whole plant was formed after 20 days.

Cultivation method of Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica is a high-grade, unique indoor leaf-viewing plant. At present, the alocasia amazonica is very popular in the international leaf-viewing plant market. It is widely used in high-end interior garden design and waterscape design. Until now, Israel Carmel company for the production of Alocasia Amazonica is famous in the world.

China's Alocasia Amazonica has developed rapidly. In the 1980s, when it was just introduced, there were few and far between, but now ordinary flower markets and shops are regularly seen, with potted goods for sale. Its quality and price are also reasonable, but to be widely used, into thousands of households, there is still a process of development.

Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica growing environment

Alocasia Amazonica is native to tropical Asia. Alocasia Amazonica prefers warm, humid and semi-cloudy environments. The suitable temperature for growth is 25 ~ 30℃, and the temperature in winter is not less than 15℃. From March to September, it was 22-27 ℃, and from September to March of the following year, it was 16-22 ℃.The temperature is lower than 15℃, the growth stagnation is dormant. Among them, the Alocasia Amazonica has a strong cold tolerance, and can tolerate low temperatures below 10℃, but not lower than 7℃.

Alocasia Amazonica is water - and wet-resistant. In the growing season, the basin soil should be kept moist and the air humidity should be 70% ~ 80%, which is favorable for leaf growth and development. Alocasia Amazonica in the basin soil drought, the leaves soft droop, but soon after watering the original state, drought also has a certain resistance.

Alocasia Amazonica prefers half shade and should avoid exposure to strong light. In the semi-shade environment, the leaves are fresh and shiny, with clear veins and dark green color. If it is in bright light point-blank, leaf surface is coarse, leaf color is hoar, leaf vein is fuzzy, leaf surface produces burn spot sometimes.

Soil with good drainage, fertile, loose leaf rot soil or peat soil is appropriate.

Cultivation management of Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica is commonly potted in 15-20 cm pots. Because the fleshy root of Alocasia Amazonica is developed, the matrix is a mixture of culture soil, peat soil and coarse sand. Basin bottom mat tile and broken brick more. During the bloom period from May to September, fertilize once every half a month, also can use "hui you "20-20-20 general fertilizer, but nitrogen fertilizer can not be excessive, otherwise the petiole elongation, thin leaves, easy to lodging. Leaves wither in winter, tuber dormancy, pot soil to keep dry, warm storage place. Tubers are perishable if they have high humidity and low temperature during storage. Alocasia Amazonica leaves due to large and thin, few leaves, do not pay attention to easy damage. Therefore, the growth position of each leaf of potted plants should be reasonable to meet the requirements of high-quality potted flowers. In the process of cultivation, pay attention to the direction of leaf arrangement and retention, and make appropriate adjustments.

Pest control of Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica is commonly affected by gray mold. At the initial stage of disease, 59% to buzzin wet-able powder was used to spray Alocasia Amazonica 1000 times liquid. Under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, stem rot is easy to occur, and 70% methyl tobuzin wettable powder can be sprayed 1000 times. The infestor spread Mosaic disease by contact with aphids, and was sprayed with 40% oxy dimethyl emulsion 1000 times liquid. Moreover has the twill noctuid moth, the rape insect harm, with 10% eliminates the insect spermatozoin 3000 times liquid to kill.


Alocasia Amazonica is beautiful in leaf shape and dark green in leaf color, which is very attractive. Potted plants adorn the living room, study and windowsill, showing more elegance and luxury. If put in the teahouse or guesthouse, commercial building and window, lifelike, show a taste more. Evergreen grass plant shape is not big, many varieties, morphological changes, the tip of the red, purple more eye-catching; Spiderweb is a more classical type of succulent. Both in Europe and the United States often deserve to be planted in the indoor rock garden, stone wall side appreciation. It can also be used as a small potted plant to decorate a home. In addition, succulents are often collected and cultivated as varieties by succulents, and the plants of different varieties can be put together for appreciation, which makes them different and attractive.

Alocasia Amazonica main value

Alocasia Amazonica is compact and straight, with a broad blade and special metallic luster. The leaf vein is clear and picturesque, extremely poetic and picturesque. It is a unique leaf-watching plant, and it is also one of the leaf-watching plants popular in and around the sea in recent years. Medium and small basins are planted, used to decorate the place such as study, sitting room, bedroom and office, appear noble and elegant.

Alocasia Amazonica