Peace lily caring tips

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Oct 29 2021

Peace lily caring tips

Peace lily is newly in the modern family growing flower, very popular, because Peace lily can not only purify air, but also can beautify the household environment, so many people grow Peace lily at home. It requires some skills if you want to grow Peace lily well. Here are some Peace lily caring tips for you.

Peace lily
Peace Lily - Most Common House Plant

Peace lily caring tips for leaf yellowing and withered tips

In the process of growing Peace lily, the phenomenon of yellow leaves and withered tips appears, which may be caused by excessive daily watering, and the excess water needs to be discharged. The same can happen with too much fertilizer, when excess nutrients need to be flushed out. Growing  in winter requires the temperature to be kept above 15℃. Here are Peace lily caring tips for leaf yellowing and withered tips.

1. Reduce watering

Peace Lily likes to grow in a humid environment, but if frequent watering leads to water, the leaves will turn yellow and wither. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the number of watering, according to the principle of seeing both dry and wet watering, control the number of watering, and can improve the phenomenon of withered leaf tips.

2. Remove nutrients

The yellow leaves of Peace Lily may also be caused by excessive fertilization, so they can be watered in large quantities. If the flowerpot is soaked in a container with water, it will take about 10 minutes to take it out. If the amount of fertilizer is too much, the soil can be replaced.

3. Soak the pot

If the leaves turn yellow and the tip withers in winter, it may be caused by the low temperature. Peace Lily's cold tolerance is relatively low, so it is necessary to keep the temperature above 15℃ in winter breeding. If the temperature is lower than 5℃, peace lily will have yellow leaves in the cold.

4. Semi-shadecuring

Peace Lily likes to grow in a semi-shade environment. If Peace Lily is given direct light at ordinary times, its leaves will wither in the long term. At this time, it needs to be moved into a semi-shade or cool environment for curing for a period of time, and this phenomenon will be improved.

Peace lily
Peace lily is one of the plants that can grow in water

Peace lily caring tips for roots rot

When Peace Lily rots roots, it is necessary to deal with the symptoms according to different reasons. If the soil is not suitable, change the soil and put some rubble on the bottom of the basin before entering. Poor light should be cut off rotten roots, after disinfection and replanting, in the sunlight appropriate astigmatism. When the water quality is polluted, the water should be changed in time, the root system should be pruned properly and then re-placed into the basin, and the water should be changed every 3 ~ 5 days. Here are Peace lily caring tips for roots rot.

1. Soil replacement treatment

If the soil culture Peace lily in the process, if the soil permeability is bad or too heavy, it is easy to cause the root cannot breathe effectively, for a long time will lead to decay, and so Peace lily roots rotted. At this time, we would timely change the soil, shake off all the old soil, leaf soil, peat soil and the mixture of perlite soil into the basin after curing.

2. Timely light

Peace Lily likes to grow in the condition of full sunshine. If often placed in the dark, or get too little light, it is easy to cause branches and leaves yellow, roots will rot. At this time we should cut off rotten roots, root disinfection after replanting, and put it in the environment with bright astigmatism. A strong light season can be a short time shading treatment.

3. Change water frequently

Water culture is a common cultivation method of Peace Lily, especially in high temperature weather. If not changed the water, it will lead to serious water pollution, the root system will gradually rot. At this time the root system should be pruned properly. Put it in a disinfectant soaked for 10 minutes into the basin, add the right amount of water, change the water every 3 to 5 days.

4. Reduce fertilization

Peace Lily is mainly fertilized with thin fertilizer during the growth period. It is not allowed to apply agricultural fertilizer or raw fertilizer, otherwise it is easy to cause root burning phenomenon, and the plant will slowly wither and die. At this time the root system should be taken out and placed in the disinfected basin soil cultivation. After fertilizing, the cake should be given priority with thin cake fertilizer water, and proper soil loosening should be carried out to reduce the burden of the root system. 

5. Reduce watering

Peace Lily is a common wet-loving plant, but should not be watered too much during the growth period, otherwise it will lead to serious pot soil water, the root system will also appear rotten. At this time we should stop watering in a timely manner, apply deep soil treatment, put it in a cool ventilated place. After waiting for the leaf to resume to grow, water with basin soil slightly wet is advisable.

Peace lily

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