Maintenance methods of Graptoveria A Grimm One

Written by Maggie

Dec 08 2020

Maintenance methods of Graptoveria A Grimm One

The succulent Graptoveria'A Grimm One' is A descendant of a cross between the genera Graptoveria and The genus Graptoveria.It is the representative of fresh germinating in succulent plants, its emerald green leaves with pink margin, very beautiful.Plenty of sunbathing and good ventilation help it to grow prettier.If you have any questions about how Glen needs to be cared for, read on.

Graptoveria'A Grimm One'

Graptoveria'A Grimm One' life habits:

Graptoveria'A Grimm One' belongs to the winter type, and has the characteristics of high-temperature dormancy in summer. Graptoveria likes a warm, dry and sunny environment, is drought-tolerant, and avoids long-term moisture of the basin soil. The suitable temperature for growth is 10-25 ° C.In spring and autumn, you should put Graptoveria'A Grimm One' under the environment of sufficient light for maintenance, otherwise it is easy to lead to long, watering is dry, see wet.

Graptoveria'A Grimm One'

Notes for maintenance of Graptoveria'A Grimm One' :

Graptoveria'A Grimm One' is more afraid of heat in summer, and we should do the shading work, paying attention to the environment ventilation. If the leaves of the water are jelly colored, it is a protest against the environment being too hot. Improve the environment as soon as possible, watering in summer can be basin soil that is close to dry. A small amount of water along the basin, Graptoveria'A Grimm One' itself leaves thick, so it is also very drought resistant.

In summer, when the temperature is above 30℃ and the light is too strong, Graptoveria'A Grimm One' leaves tend to show the color of jelly and then melt water. The solution is to pay attention to shade.

Graptoveria'A Grimm One' is very easy to maintain, even if it is an ugly duckling, after a few months in spring and autumn, it can often turn into a swan.

In spring and autumn watering can be dry and thoroughly irrigate, light can be as full as possible, full of light Graptoveria'A Grimm One', flower compact, leaf hypertrophy, leaf edge reddening, with its light pink green, absolutely let you have Graptoveria'A Grimm One' fairy tale dream sense.

Graptoveria'A Grimm One' cultivation method:

Graptoveria'A Grimm One' with thick leaves is very suitable for leaf insertion in spring and autumn, and its sprouting side buds can also be cut for branch insertion, which is relatively easy to reproduce.

Graptoveria'A Grimm One'