How to trim Echeveria Simonoasa

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

How to trim Echeveria Simonoasa

During germination, Echeveria Simonoasa should pick the core and wipe the bud for many times. The cut branches can be used for cutting propagation, and then appropriate shape pruning can be carried out according to their own hobbies. The main purpose is to cut the branches and useless stems that affect the appearance in time, and also to cut the dry branches and leaves in time, so as not to cause the breeding of bacteria after accumulation.

Echeveria Simonoasa

1. Extract treatment of Echeveria Simonoasa

Echeveria Simonoasa grows rapidly, and reasonable pruning can make the plant shape more beautiful. During germination, the plant can be cored for many times, mainly to remove the advantage of the top. The cut tender tip can be inserted into the sandy and damp basin-soil for reproduction after drying the wound, and then the plant can be pruned for many times according to its own choice.

2. Modeling and trimming for Echeveria Simonoasa

Modeling pruning is an important condition in the pruning of Echeveria Simonoasa. During the growth period, the excessively long stems and leaves of the plant can be shorted, and the length of pruning is about 5 ~ 8 cm, so as to maintain the balance of the growth of the plant. Moreover, the branches and unwanted stems that affect the appearance should be cut off in time to promote the concentration of nutrients.

Echeveria Simonoasa

3. Change basins and trim for Echeveria Simonoasa

Since the root system of Echeveria Simonoasa is relatively developed, proper pot changing treatment can be carried out during the growth period. At this time, combined with pruning, the root system should be taken out first and then the rot and fibrous roots should be cut off. At the same time, the dense branches and leaves on the upper part of the plant should be trimmed to increase the ventilation and permeability of the plant.

4. Pruning during Echeveria Simonoasa growth period

Echeveria Simonoasa is resistant to pruning. In peak growth season, dry branches and leaves should be cut off in time to avoid accumulation of bacteria, and stem and leaves at the bottom should be properly trimmed. In addition, excessive insect and disease branches and rotten branches should be cut off, mainly from the base, so as to ensure normal growth of the plant.

Echeveria Simonoasa