Solution to root blackening of Echeveria Simonoasa

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

Solution to root blackening of Echeveria Simonoasa

Improper soil and water leading to Echeveria Simonoasa black roots, we should immediately cut off the rotten roots, and replace the new soil to plant maintenance. If improper sewage sludge, control the amount of water, waiting for the plant back to life again topdressing fertilizer. In winter low temperature, roots are damaged, we need to give the plant maintenance temperature control, and need to pour the potion.

Echeveria Simonoasa

1. Cut Echeveria Simonoasa roots and change the soil

When the soil of Echeveria Simonoasa grows firmly, improper water and fertilizer, and the air is too wet, the roots of the plant will turn black. The rotting roots need to be pruned properly first, and the soil needs to be replanted. The plants need to be placed in a fresh pot and preserved in a sunny and ventilated environment.

2. Control water and stop fertilizer for Echeveria Simonoasa

If the Echeveria Simonoasa made the roots black due to improper water and fertilizer, not only should the roots be cut for soil conservation, but also the water and fertilizer amount should be controlled. Do not blindly water and fertilize the plants, just keep the soil slightly wet and wait for the plants to gradually return to green life, then fertilizer can be applied.

Echeveria Simonoasa

3. Keep Echeveria Simonoasa warm 

Whenever Echeveria Simonoasa is cured improperly in low temperature in winter, its roots will easily become black and may even cause the plant to wither and die. At this time, its growth temperature should be controlled at about 10℃, and it should be placed in sufficient sunlight for curing, so as to avoid more serious frostbite of the plant and make it gradually recover to life.

4. Pouring potion for Echeveria Simonoasa

When the growth environment of Echeveria Simonoasa is not ventilated, and the plants suffer from pests and diseases, the roots of the plants will continuously blacken, or even directly wither and die the plants. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately irrigate the soil with agents such as polyfungicin and DDVP, and strengthen ventilation management and careful maintenance.

Echeveria Simonoasa