Echeveria Simonoasa leaf blade dry solution

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Echeveria Simonoasa leaf blade dry solution

If Echeveria Simonoasa appears leaves withered phenomenon, it may be caused by improper watering. If long-term lack of water, plants will gradually become soft leaves. At this time we need to spray waterleaf. If overwatering, root system gradually decays, leaf withered also happens at this time. We need timely pruning roots rotted. During winter breeding, we need to control the temperature over 15 ℃. At the same time, keep a good ventilation environment, plants will gradually restore vitality.

Echeveria Simonoasa

1. Adjust watering for Echeveria Simonoasa

How to deal with Echeveria Simonoasa leaf dry? We need to analyze the causes and make the right remedy. Under the condition of long-term absence of watering, the leaves of Echeveria Simonoasa gradually start to become soft, so water should be replenishment in time and water should be sprayed on the leaves.

2. Trim Echeveria Simonoasa roots

If later Echeveria Simonoasa remains dry, it may be caused by root rot. In this case, the rotten root system should be pruned after removal of the basin, soaked with corymbalin for 20-30 minutes, and then the loose and breathable soil should be replaced and planted in the basin.

Echeveria Simonoasa

3. Raise the humidity for Echeveria Simonoasa

The cold tolerance of Echeveria Simonoasa plants is very low. If the temperature is lower than 8℃, the leaves will suffer frost injury. Especially in winter breeding, the leaves need to be moved into the indoor environment, which is usually maintained in a good breathable environment.

4. Astigmatism bath for Echeveria Simonoasa

During farming Echeveria Simonoasa in the summer, if Echeveria Simonoasa placed in an environment with strong light for a long time, it can make the loss of moisture from the leaves gradually. We need to spray water for leaves. Usually spray water around the pot. Keep Echeveria Simonoasa in a cool and well-ventilated environment. Only 2 weeks later, Echeveria Simonoasa comes back to life.

Echeveria Simonoasa