How to grow Echeveria simonoasa

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

How to grow Echeveria simonoasa

In the process of Echeveria Simonoasa cultivation, the mixed soil of leaf mould, river sand, garden soil and cinder is the best choice. Keep it in a temperate environment during growth and shade it for a short time in summer. Rotate the pot every day, water the pot to keep it dry, and trim and trim properly.

Echeveria Simonoasa

Propagation of Echeveria Simonoasa

1. Soil preparation

Echeveria Simonoasa prefers to grow in sandy soil that is well-drained and breathable so that the root system can drain easily. A mixture of 3 parts of leaf mold, 3 parts of river sand, 1 part of garden soil and 1 part of furnace slag can be used as culture soil for family potted plants. After every 1 ~ 2 years in the spring for a basin, the old roots will be appropriate after pruning on the basin.

2. Environmental treatment

The more abundant the sunshine and the greater the temperature difference between day and night, the leaves can be brightly colored and full of luster. During the curing period, put it in a sunny place with the appropriate temperature. Avoid direct glare. The flowerpot should be rotated frequently every day to ensure that it receives even light. Water should be sprayed to cool it when the temperature is higher than 35℃. Pay attention to ventilation to avoid sunburn.

3, Suitable water

Because Echeveria Simonoasa contains a lot of water inside, it does not need to be watered frequently during normal maintenance. It is best to maintain the principle of not pouring, but pouring through. When the temperature is higher than 35℃ or lower than 15℃, the plants grow slowly. At this time, the watering frequency can be reduced or no watering can be needed, and the soil in the basin can be kept dry.

Echeveria Simonoasa

4. Pruning

Pruning is one of the breeding methods and precautions for Echeveria Simonoasa. During the growth period to dry old leaves in time to remove, so as not to breed bacteria. Also according to the growth of the plant to pick the treatment, to control its height. The cut parts can be used for cutting propagation and become new plants.

Echeveria Simonoasa Propagation Attentions

Due to the poor cold resistance of Echeveria Simonoasa, preparations should be made for cold insulation in winter. At the end of autumn put the plant into the room ahead of maintenance, but also to avoid cold wind blow.At the same time, do not splash into the leaves, so as to avoid the phenomenon of decay. Keep water and room temperature the same.

Echeveria Simonoasa