How to grow and care for Catalpa Bungei

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

How to grow and care for Catalpa Bungei

Catalpa Bungei likes light and is cold resistant, so when you grow Catalpa Bungei, you need to keep the temperature within a warmer range. Catalpa Bungei likes to be wet, and it doesn't tolerate drought or flooding. How to care for Catalpa Bungei when growing? Catalpa Bungei is relatively durable and has a long life. In the seedling stage, the growth will be relatively slow, but in the growth of about 10 years or so, the speed will be accelerated.

Catalpa Bungei

How to grow Catalpa Bungei

1. The planting of Catalpa Bungei

Catalpa bungei planting can choose in the spring and autumn period and the two seasons, to dig the hole before planting. In addition with soil ball plant can improve the survival rate, but also be careful not to plant too deep, which will lead to plant in stuffy bud. Planting should also give some rotten basal and mix well with the planting soil. Then ouring a TuShui and three days later and watered once again in five days, respectively.

2. Water and fertilizer management of Catalpa Bungei

Attention should be paid to the water management of catalpa bungei in daily maintenance. In addition to watering the first three water after planting, water should be poured twice between May and October. When there is a lot of precipitation in summer, water is not needed if it is not too dry, and anti-freezing water should be applied in winter. 4 years after the plant as long as the return to green water and antifreeze water can be poured. In addition, Catalpa Bungei likes fertilizer, which is applied with sufficient base fertilizer, and urea in May, to make the plants lush and accelerate their growth.

3. Plastic trim of Catalpa Bungei

Catalpa Bungei is resistant to pruning because of its strong germination ability. When new branches reach about 30 cm in spring, select the appropriate main branch and cut off the surplus branches. During the growth period, the new shoots should also be removed.

Catalpa Bungei

How to care for Catalpa Bungei

1) Loosen the soil, hoe the grass, after the next spring leveling. All kinds of weeds that are strong in nature are immediately eradicated once they are found.

(2) The main purpose of pruning and shaping is to Catalpa Bungei luancha seedlings for normal growth and to improve their ornamental value. Shrubs are pruned to preserve the natural tree shape. Hedgerows, spherical plants are mainly plastic pruning. Clip in autumn Catalpa bungei goldenrain tree seedling entered hibernation, plastic mainly in spring Catalpa bungei goldenrain tree seedling germination before. The stubble height of the lawn is generally controlled at about 10 to 15 cm.

(3) Fertilizing and watering can also apply leaf fertilizer to the shrub. Apply fertilizer twice a season, apply urea and compound fertilizer of 20 kg per acre, use broadcast and water fertilizer, water penetration depth of more than 10 cm. In November and December, pour anti-freezing water over winter, and do a good job of wind barrier support.

(4) Once the symptoms of diseases and insect pests appear, immediately respond to the disease, and strictly prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests.

Catalpa Bungei