How to propagate Southern Magnolia

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

How to propagate Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia can be propagated by sowing, grafting and layering, each with its own characteristics. Now let's look at the Southern Magnolia propagation methods.

The sowing propagation of Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia can propagate by sowing, which isn't the easiest way to do it, but it can be tried.

Southern Magnolia is propagated by sowing in autumn. Leave the fruits of the Southern Magnolia in a cool place for about five to six days. Then remove the seeds and soak them in water. You can plant them as they come, or you can plant them in the sand the following spring.When storing, be careful not to get too wet.

When applying sowing propagation of Southern Magnolia, you can choose loose and fertile sandy soil, and add a little base fertilizer .Sowing time is generally the choice of drill, the seeds evenly planted, after covering the soil, the soil to compaction.

After sowing Southern Magnolia, the growth is still relatively slow and can be transplanted in two years.

propagate Southern Magnolia

Grafting propagation of Southern Magnolia

Grafting is a common method of propagation for Southern Magnolia, selecting the purple and white magnolia as rootstocks and then selecting annual cuttings with terminal buds as cuttings.

The cuttings are first treated, cut into 5-7cm with 1 to 2 axillary buds, cut off the leaves, and then grafted. Grafting propagation of Southern Magnolia can be done by cutting and abdominal grafting. If you choose to cut the cuttings, you can be 3 -- 5cm from the ground rootstock cuttings can be attached, soil. Abdominal grafts can be grafted 5 -- 10cm from the stock. It should be noted that when applying grafting propagation of Southern Magnolia, buds are likely to appear and should be cut off in time.

Layered propagation of Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia's layering propagation is done in the spring. Pick 1 - to 2-year old branches, cut them in rings, then wrap the soil or moss in plastic bags and let them take root, ready to be removed in the fall.

propagate Southern Magnolia