How to propagate Poinsettia

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to propagate Poinsettia

Poinsettia is bright-colored, and has a long flowering period, Christmas, New Year's day, the Spring Festival. Potted decorate indoor environments can increase festive atmosphere, very popular. So How to propagate Poinsettia? Let's take a look.

propagate Poinsettia

Poinsettia cutting propagation method

1. Cutting propagation time

Poinsettia are often used as Christmas flowers, usually around New Year's Day and Christmas Day. Poinsettia is usually propagated in the non-flowering season, from spring to autumn, and the weather in late spring or early summer is the best time for rapid propagation.

2. Cuttings for cutting propagation

How can Poinsettia propagate more easily? So the choice of cuttings is particularly important, it is best to choose annual robust branches, with the best young leaves, about 10 centimeters in length, leaving about 3 bud points, the following leaves are cut off, leaving only a pair of leaves on the top.

When we apply cutting propagation of Poinsettia, attention should be paid to the use of disinfected scissors to oblique cut, the cutting mouth should be neat and smooth. If there is glue flowing out of the cutting mouth, it is necessary to use plant ash to smear it, which can inhibit the outflow of glue, but also can promote rapid wound healing.

3. Cutting propagation preparation

How do Poinsettia propagate so that they can grow better? The environment in which it grows is very important, so be sure to prepare the right soil for it. Poinsettia prefers loose and well-drained soil, and the ideal medium for cutting should be a 50-50 mix of perlite and peat.

4. Cutting propagation method process

When we apply cutting propagation, place the soil in the pot. Lay a layer of small stones at the bottom of the pot, not blocking the drain hole, and add an eighth-full mixture of nutrient soil. Then put a few holes in the soil evenly with a small stick, the depth is about 5 centimeters, and then put the cuttings into the hole, with hand compaction pouring permeable.

It is best to use plastic bags to cover the whole pot tightly when propagating Poinsettia, so both can protect moisture and can be conducive to rooting. Place it indoors where there is astigmatism, or outdoors where it is protected from light. Slow seedlings for a week or so can gradually contact the light, during this period can see the dry and wet basin soil watering, and water generally about 3 days.

propagate Poinsettia

Poinsettia High Pressure Propagation

Poinsettia can also be propagated with strips, usually by the high-pressure propagation method. First choose the lignified branches, generally choose the first year of healthy and full branches, in the smooth part of the ring peeling, ring peeling width with the ring peeling branches of the thickness of the same, generally with 3 ~ 4 cm is appropriate; Remove the branch phloem of the ring peeling place, the incision should be smooth, and gently scrape the cambium with a sharp knife. Wet water moss or other loose and breathable material should be wrapped around the incision after completion. Generally use a piece of 20 ~ 25 cm square polyethylene film which has good carbon dioxide and oxygen permeability, and has a very low water vapor conduction, and can resist long-term climate change). The upper and lower ends for propagation are fastened with strapping rope, etc. (especially the lower end). If the strapping is not tight, the substrate is easy to dry, thus affecting the rooting of the incision.

propagate Poinsettia