How to propagate Orange jessamine

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to propagate Orange jessamine

If Orange Jessamine wants to grow better, it not only needs to be maintained, but also needs to grow and expand into a bigger family of Orange Jessamine. How does Orange Jessamine propagate? The three most common methods are sowing cuttings and layering.

Orange Jessamine

1. The sowing propagation of Orange Jessamine

1. Prepare your seeds

Before planting, we need orange jessamine seeds. When Orange Jessamine ripened, we took off the plump, vermillion fruit, rubbed it in freshwater, peeled off the rind and any dry seeds that would float to the surface, and dried them for later sowing.

2. Prepare the seedbed

Before sowing, select a suitable area for Orange jessamine growth and fix it into a suitable bed for Orange jessamine seed germination.The entire bed is pulverized, broken up with some solid soil, and then raked flat to form a suitable seedbed for sowing.

3. Sow the seeds

Finally choose the right season for sowing, spring sowing in March to May can be, and autumn sowing generally in September to October, after sowing generally in a month or so of germination. When true leaves appear, start thinning out the seedlings. That is, keep a 10-15cm distance between each Orange jessamine seedling and then fertilise the seedlings before they grow.

Orange Jessamine cutting propagation method

1. Prepare the cuttings

For those of you who don't know how Orange jessamine propagates, try cutting. It's the easiest way. First of all to prepare Orange jessamine cutting, we need to cut Orange Jessamine parent plants in the more robust, mature medium, grayish green epidermal branches, which must grow more than a year. That year's shoots are not available, the survival rate is very low, which not only wasted resources, but also let the mother plant suffer some damage.

2. Cuttage treatment

First prepare 350 times liquid rooting agent and yellow mud mixed into mud, then dip each stick into a little mud, until the mud is dry, and can be inserted into the nursery bed. When inserting the cuttings into the bed, be sure to use the same thickness of sticks after the holes, which can prevent mud from falling off, so that the cuttings can take root and sprout.

Orange Jessamine

3. Maintain and take root

Cutting time is best in the spring or July to August of the rainy season, the temperature is 18℃ ~ 25℃ or so. After insertion, it will take roots in 35 ~ 40 days or so. After inserting the cuttings, the seedlings can be covered with 70%~80% shading network, and the soil of the seedling bed can be watered once or twice a day, so that it can take root in about 20~25 days.

Orange Jessamine layering propagation method

1. Choose layering

Carry out layering in spring. It is best to choose the leafy branches, so that you can better root, after the flowers will be bigger. Branches had better be more than a year, so conducive to increasing the rooting rate, such as the next year to become an independent plant will be more robust, good-looking.

2. Layering root

Peel or cut a portion of your chosen layering in a loop, then bury it in the ground and secure it with something to keep the branches from bouncing back. Over time, a new root grows where the branch has been cut, and in late fall or the following spring, a new plant can be transplanted.

Orange Jessamine