How to grow and care for Orange Jessamine

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to grow and care for Orange Jessamine

When growing Orange jessamine flowers, the flowerpots can be placed in a ventilated sunny place during the growth period, but the flowers should be shaded after fading. The temperature should be controlled at about 20 ~ 32℃. When the temperature is below 5℃, it should be moved into the room. The soil should be kept wet after pregnancy and when changing the pot, the thin compound fertilizer should be applied once every half a month.

Orange jessamine

How to grow Orange jessamine

1. Maintain the environment

Orange jessamine is a positive plant, and you can put it in a sunny place during the growth period. Move it to the windowsill or balcony when flowering, put it in the semi-shade after flowering for curing, and control the temperature at about 20 ~ 32℃. In winter, when the temperature is below 5℃, you should timely move the plants into the room to avoid frostbite.

2. Water management

Orange jessamine flowers like to grow in a wet environment. It is advisable to water them adequately during the growth period to keep the soil moist, but not too much water. Control the amount of water during the pregnancy stage to promote the differentiation of the buds.

3. Fertilize regularly

Regular fertilization is one of the important points for growing orange jessamine flowers. The fertilizer is mainly bone meal or nitrogen-Phosphate-potassium compound fertilizer added to the pot. During the growth period, a thin compound fertilizer is applied once every half a month. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed on the leaves once or twice in April to June, and no fertilization is required in autumn.

Orange jessamine

How to care for Orange jessamine

1. Disease and insect prevention

Orange jessamine flowers common pests and diseases mainly include powdery mildew, starworm, leaf moth, aphids and other hazards. When onset, strengthen the ventilation of the surrounding environment, timely cut off the above plant, to keep the leaf dry, seriously use a thin oxide dimethyl fruit or poison spen solution for control.

2. Change basins

Orange jessamine flowers should be potted every two to three years, usually in October to November or May in spring. It is not recommended to pot pot in winter. The root system should be pruned and more soil should be left to improve root survival rate.

3. Powdery mildew

Orange jessamine can get powdery mildew if it grows under high temperature in summer. The white powdery substance will appear on the leaves, which will affect the photosynthesis of the plants and cause the leaves to fall off gradually. The branches should be cut off immediately, and the plants should be sprayed with weining water, azolium water and other drugs for prevention and control.

4. Root rot

At ordinary times when watering it too much, or when the soil moisture in spring, the plants suffer from root rot, rot, roots infected by bacteria had better lose their plant life. We need to immediately remove the plant from the soil, and need to give it the roots of timely processing, to replace the soil irrigation with carbendazim.

Orange jessamine