How to propagate moth orchids

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

How to propagate moth orchids

Moth orchids, known for their flowerlike butterflies, are very popular with people for their beautiful flowers. Knowing how to grow Moth Orchids only proves that you like them, but to love flowers, you need to know how to propagate Moth Orchids. As for how to propagate Moth Orchids, there are mainly 5 methods, including sowing, pedicel promoting bud, stem cutting, heart breaking promoting bud and tissue culture.

1. Sowing propagation of moth orchids

Sowing propagation of moth orchids is not suitable for family propagation, but outdoor mass breeding. Sowing propagation of moth orchids is also divided into natural sowing method and aseptic sowing method two, because the flower friends are generally family potted, small make up in this but more introduction. Here are some of the most commonly used Moth Orchids for home propagation, and then read on.

2. Pedicel bud propagation of moth orchids

Pedicel bud propagation of moth orchids is a common method of propagating Moth Orchids and can be done indoors. Pedicel accelerating bud is mainly used in butterfly orchids after they have withered. Small shoots with roots can often grow on the internodes of their pedicles, which can be cut and planted to grow into new Moth Orchids. In order to ensure that the pedicels of Moth Orchids can produce pedicel seedlings, artificial germination can be used. The specific operations are as follows:

(1) Cut off the blossoming part of the pedicels of Moth Orchids. Then use a sharp edge to carefully cut off the bracts between the first and third nodes of the upper pedicels to expose the bud points in the internodes. Be careful not to hurt the buds.

② Apply the sprout accelerating agent or indolebutyric acid and other hormones evenly on the exposed internode with cotton swab. If the wound after removing the bract can also be covered, the effect is better.

(3) Put them in a semi-shady place, keep the temperature at 25-28℃ and the humidity above 75%. After 2-3 weeks, leaves can be seen in the buds. Three months later, Moth Orchids seedlings with 3-4 leaves and air roots can be grown.

(4) After the above 3 steps, the breeding of Moth Orchids family is basically completed. Finally, you only need to cut off the seedlings and put them into the pot.Is it very simple? You just need to be careful.

propagate moth orchids
Moth Orchid - Most Common House Plant

3. Cutting propagation of moth orchids

Cutting propagation of moth orchids is also one of the propagation methods of Moth Orchids. The principle is to destroy the growth point of the shoot tip to induce the growth of latent buds. Compared with the above is a bit more troublesome, the specific operation is as follows:

①Moth Orchids are monoculture plants, which grow continuously from the erect stem to the upward direction. However, there are 1-3 latent buds in the leaf axils of Moth Orchids. Under normal state, most of them cannot produce buds into plants. When the plant has grown longer, cut off the upper part of the plant with the roots with a sterilized knife or scissors, and implant it into a new pot to continue to grow, while the lower part with the roots is given proper water management.

② In order to prevent decay, carbendazim and other disinfecting powder can be smeared on the incision. Soon after, the latent bud can sprout 1-3, if the stem plant is too long, it can also be cut into many sections, as long as each section is more than an inch long and there is a root of more than 1 each section can be issued 1-2 buds.

(3) If the stem of the plant is longer, you can also consider cutting multiple segments. As long as each segment has 2-3 segments or more than 2-3 centimeters long and there is a root more than one, it is possible to grow into a new plant. Looking at complex flower friends, you can choose the breeding method of Moth Orchids above.

4. Tissue culture propagation method of moth orchids

Tissue culture propagation method of moth orchids is also one of the propagation methods of Moth Orchids, but through this method, we can obtain the same excellent genetic characteristics as the mother plant. However, Tissue culture propagation method of moth orchids, like sowing propagation, is not suitable for indoor use, so it will not be described in detail here.

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