How to propagate golden barrel cactus

Written by Maggie

Feb 02 2021

How to propagate golden barrel cactus

Golden Barrel Cactus is an important ornamental cactus that is loved by many flower lovers. So how do Golden Barrel Cactus propagate? Let's take a look.

Golden barrel cactus sowing propagation method

The emergence rate of seeds harvested in the same year is high. When we carry out sowing propagation of Golden barrel cactus in spring or autumn, choose full Jincheng seeds (black), soak seeds for two days, and then sow the soil in the basin. About 7-10 days germinate. When the bulb grows to 1 cm, the seedlings should be thinned at 5×5 cm row spacing. Long to 4 cm, can be planted, each small potted one. After 30 to 40 days of germination, the seedlings have the size of rice grains or mung beans, which can be transplanted or grafted on the stock for growth.

Golden barrel cactus small ball grafting propagation method

When we carry out golden barrel cactus small ball grafting propagation method, cultivate more than 3 months of seedling grafting on the tender day foot on the growth, to be a scion long to a certain size or rootstock can not support, can be cut, dry the wound after cutting potted. In a good environment of fertile soil and good air circulation, seedlings without grafting can grow very quickly. Seedlings or grafted balls after pot should be placed in half shade, avoid direct sunlight, 7 ~ 10 days after the ball does not atrophy, that is, survive.

Golden Barrel Cactus propagate

Golden barrel cactus cutting propagation method

Golden barrel cactus cutting propagation method is the most common method of propagation, and can be carried out throughout the year. First cut from the mother plant mature pieces, placed in the shade for half a day, then cuttings, this is the key to survival. Cuttage substrate should choose good ventilation, both water preservation, drainage are also good materials, such as perlite, vermiculite, river sand, after watering, only spray, make sand slightly wet.

Golden barrel cactus grafting propagation method

Golden barrel cactus grafting propagation method can promote growth and advance the flowering. In the growing season, grafting propagation of Golden barrel cactus can be done at any time except the high temperature and wet period, which is not suitable for grafting propagation due to the perishable incision, but September is the most suitable month. Three-edged arrows, which have a strong affinity with Golden Barrel Cactus, were selected as rootstocks. Grafted crosscutting appropriate high in the root stock level first, and then the bottom of the scion ball level crosscutting, cut will immediately after a scion on the aspect of stock (note the scion and stock center of vascular bundle at least part of the contact), then use the longitudinal tied, thin lines make up closely joint incision, grafting after the completion of the basin in the shade, cover on the plastic film to keep the air humidity, can remove tied to 3 days to 7 days.

Golden Barrel Cactus propagate