How to propagate ghost-plant

Written by Maggie

Sep 01 2021

How to propagate ghost-plant

When it comes to propagating ghost-plants, the best method is leaf insertion, which has a success rate of almost 100%, and is easy for beginners to learn. In addition, you can choose cutting. The cutting propagation method is also very simple, even if the top of the ghost-plant is cut off, and then inserted into the soil, waiting for the root on the pot.

Cutting propagation methods of ghost-plants

1. Leaf insertion propagation time of ghost-plants

Ghost-Plant leaf inserts, focuses on the medium, the time, the method, if grasped well, the propagation is very simple. The first is the time of leaf insertion propagation, the best choice in spring or autumn. In addition to its growth season, plant activity is high, easy to take root and survive.

2. Leaf insertion propagation medium of ghost-plants

Ghost-plant, naturally needs soil, you'd better give it a loose and breathable water drainage medium, such as peat, perlite, vermiculite and pine needles mixed soil. It's a good idea to water the soil just enough to keep it slightly damp before putting it in a pot.

3. Cuttings selection for ghost-plants leaf insertion propagation

The selection of cuttings is particularly important in ghost-plants leaf insertion propagation. In the spring and autumn, in the ghost-plants pot, fast break off the growth of good and complete leaves as cuttings, after breaking off, in the shade and cool air for a while, to the wound after a little dry, you can be on the pot leaves inserted.

4. Start the leaf insertion propagation of ghost-plants

Prepare for the above, ghost-plants leaf insertion propagation can officially begin: the prepared leaves lying on the surface of the soil, water to the surface, placed in the semi-shade, before taking root do not arbitrarily move, a week can grow small roots, 2 months or so can be completely re-germinated.

Ghost-plant - one of the best succulents for beginners

Ghost-plants beheaded propagation method

In addition to leaf insertion propagation, the propagation method of succulent Ghost-plant can also be decapitated.Methods: It is better to cut off the top part and leave some branches on the ghost-plants potted plant with good growth and complete and beautiful plant shape. After beheading, the ghost-plants wound is simply treated, placed in a cool place to air for a day or two, and then planted in the soil of ghost-plants water.

After planting, don't water it again, and don't expose it to the sun, just moderate light. After about a month, the decapitated ghost-plants will start to take root and sprout, and then it can be cured normally according to the ghost-plants beheaded propagation method. In addition, decapitation is well suited for ghost-plants that grow unfertilized.