How to propagate Florist Kalanchoe

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

How to propagate Florist Kalanchoe

Florist Kalanchoe is a very ornamental flower. It has dense, showy flowers and a long blooming period which is perfect for indoor growing. For the general Florist, it's about knowing how to grow the Florist Kalanchoe but if you want to change from one to two or even ten then you need to know how to propagate the Florist Kalanchoe .Florist Kalanchoe has four methods of propagation: cuttings, splitting, sowing and tissue propagation.

propagation method of Florist Kalanchoe

Cutting propagation method of Florist Kalanchoe

Florist Kalanchoe has strong roots and can be easily propagated from cuttings. If you want to propagate cuttings, the best time to choose in the spring of 3 ~ May, late summer and early autumn of 8 ~ September, if there is a greenhouse, can be carried out throughout the year. As for cutting propagation of Florist Kalanchoe, there are also stem cutting, leaf cutting and branch cutting.

(1) Stem inserted propagation

Stem inserted propagation method is convenient and quick. When the stem is inserted, cut off the terminal bud of the healthy plant, about 5 to 6 cm long. After the wound is healed, insert it into the culture soil, keep the soil moist, about 2 weeks after the roots, you can start to fertilize. The specific operation is as follows:

1. Prepare the cutting substrate, with fine river sand or well-drained sandy loam as the best, you can also buy perlite vermiculite and so on to make the cutting substrate.

2. Select cuttings, from a healthy mother plant, select about five centimeters of branches, cut the lower leaves with blades, and then wash the wound with running water, and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

3. After the dry cuttings inserted in the matrix, the depth of about two or three centimeters can be compacted pouring permeable.

Don't water Florist Kalanchoe too often. This is because Florist Kalanchoe is a succulent plant and too much watering can cause decay. Spray water every day, about half a month can take root.

(2) Leaf cutting propagation

Florist Kalanchoe is available all year round but it's easiest to live in summer and autumn. Before leaf cutting propagation, prepare the flowerpot first, what had better be put inside is the sandy loam with good drainage. The specific operation is as follows:

1, select the leaf: the bigger the leaf, the better, try to ensure that the leaf has a complete petiole.

2. Insert the petiole obliquely into the matrix. If no petiole is available, part of the leaf can be inserted directly into the matrix.

3. Florist Kalanchoe - make sure you don't water it too much because it's easy to spoil the leaves. Cutting good leaves to the light slightly weak place, the temperature maintained at about 20 degrees.

4. The succulents sprout very slowly and it takes about two or three months to see the little Florist Kalanchoe sprout from the roots so be patient with the anchovies.

(3) Sticks inserted propagation

1, pinch 6 to 10 cm long branches, with more than two leaves. Cut branches and leaves as far as possible to the general high, the lower end of the cutting mouth is generally inclined, the best from the next eye 2 mm, conducive to taking root.

2. The upper mouth should be smooth and more than 4 mm from the top bud, to avoid water loss after the upper incision dry discoloration, resulting in cutting failure. Insert directly into the pot, insert the depth to 1/2 to 2/3 better, compaction, pour a permeable. After that, keep the soil moist. We can not water or spray too much, because it will be easy to rot, dead.

3. Do not bury the leaves, after watering permeable, put in the shade, late management watering attention rather dry by mistake wet, so as not to rot branches.

Plant division propagation method of Florist Kalanchoe

Division propagation is the easier way to do it than any of the above propagation methods. You just have to split the plants into two when you change the pots. It's good for August or September.

propagation method of Florist Kalanchoe

Sowing propagation method of Florist Kalanchoe

Sow seeds, which is also part of the breeding method for Florist Kalanchoe, but it doesn't work indoors.The specific operation method of sowing propagation is as follows:

1. Artificial pollination: select varieties with basically the same plant type, flower state and color for artificial pollination. After the seeds are harvested, they can be planted in spring and autumn. Seedbeds can be made of wooden cases, before use, soak with water and clean, and then soak with 0.1% potassium permanganate disinfection 10 ~ 15 minutes.

2. Rotten leaves 2, soil choice: substrate available 4 copies of 2 and four rural soil humus soil, mix, accumulation is rotten, then dug sieving after exposure, using high temperature disinfection, before loading, sowing the wooden cases to soil compaction, surface leveling, sprinkle the seeds inside the bed, covering the fine soil to see seed advisable, with board gently pressure, a pressure after seeding, the bed put in the sink, until the whole stromal infiltration water.

3. Watering requirements: cover the seedbed with film, and place it in a warm shade and ventilated place to wait for seed germination. After sowing, the soil should be kept moist, the water should be evenly fed, the seeds can not be dehydrated, the temperature of the seedbed should be controlled at about 20℃, and the film can be uncovered sooner or later for a few minutes and then covered, so that it is ventilated.It usually takes 12 to 15 days for new shoots to appear.

Lighting and fertilization: after the new bud grows, remove the film, weak sunlight irradiation, after a period of time, it can gradually increase the light, when the true leaves appear, with 0.05% potassium dihydrogen phosphate irrigation, promote the healthy growth of young seedlings. After growing 2 or 3 true leaves, seedlings can be thinned. Seedlings sown in spring can be transplanted in summer, and seedlings sown in autumn can be transplanted before winter and put into a greenhouse for maintenance.

Tissue culture propagation method of Florist Kalanchoe

Tissue culture is also one of the propagation methods of Florist Kalanchoe. The stem tips, leaves, stems, flower buds and flowers of Florist Kalanchoe are used as explants and adventitious shoots are induced on MS medium with 2mg/l kinetin and 0.1mg/l naphthoxyacetic acid. Root induction was induced by adding 1 mg/l indolebutyric acid in 1/2MS medium. At room temperature of 25~27℃, 16 hours of light, after 4~6 weeks, can grow small plants. The method of propagating Florist Kalanchoe is not recommended for families to use tissue culture.

That's all for Florist kalanchoe propagation methods. It's a very general introduction and you can choose your own method of propagation according to your actual situation. But generally speaking, indoor propagation best choice cuttings, one is convenient, two is simple and studious.

propagation method of Florist Kalanchoe