12 cheapest online flowers

Written by Maggie

Mar 17 2021

12 cheapest online flowers

Beginners are always worried about their poor flowers. Today we specially organized this article, for flower friends to recommend several cheapest flowers online. The design and color is also beautiful plants.

1. China aster

China aster is an annual herb, variety, rich in color, strong vitality, soil requirements are not strict,, but not heat or cold resistance, also not waterlogging resistance, in high temperature weather is prone to diseases and pests.  

12 cheapest online flowers
China aster is one of the cheapest online flowers

2. Florist Kalanchoe

When it comes to cheap, easy to keep flowers, it must push Florist Kalanchoe. Florist Kalanchoe has a long flowering period, variety, rich color, reproduction is also particularly simple, casually picking a leaf pinch a branch can live in.  

12 cheapest online flowers
Florist Kalanchoe is one of the cheapest online flowers

3. Sunflower

Sunflower is light, drought resistant, less pests and diseases. Sunflowers have double petal and single petal, water and fertilizer to be able to achieve only reasonable flower big color colourful, flower leaves ceaseless goal. Sunflowers can be propagated by sowing or cuttings, easy to feed, easy to live.  

12 cheapest online flowers
Sunflower is one of the cheapest online flowers

4. Common zinnia

Common zinnia is an annual herb. It blooms from summer to autumn. It has different varieties and colors, such as single, double, curled and wrinkled leaves, etc. It likes sunshine and warmth, and is drought resistant but cold resistant. 

Zinnia flowers have a characteristic, although the first flower in the top, but the side branches will be higher than the first flower, so it is called "backgammon".  

12 cheapest online flowers
Common zinnia is one of the cheapest online flowers 

5. Petunia

Petunia is a perennial herb, but it is often cultivated as an annual. Not only are the flowers prosperous, rich in color, the flowering period is also particularly long, each year from spring can continue to bloom to the frost's fall solar term. Petunia likes water and is not resistant to rain and waterlogging. Petunia species is also very much divided into large flowers, single flowers, abundant flowers, flowers, but also divided into double and single petals. The climate of growth is suitable or in the greenhouse cultivation can flower all the year round.  

12 cheapest online flowers
Petunia is one of the cheapest online flowers

6. Geranium

Geranium is also called a foreign hydrangea. Its adaptability is strong, flowering period is long, design and color is gorgeous, summer likes cool, winter likes warm, needs sufficient sunshine cannot isolate however, also do not bear water wet, geranium still has the effect of driving insects.  

12 cheapest online flowers
Geranium is one of the cheapest online flowers

7. China pink

China pink is a perennial herbaceous plant. It likes sunshine and warm and humid climate. It can withstand cold and drought but not high temperature and flood. Flower color is also a very rich, natural flowering period in spring. China pink can absorb sulfur dioxide and chlorine gas, is a very good purification of indoor air plants.  

12 cheapest online flowers
China pink is one of the cheapest online flowers

8. Wild pansy

Because of its unique flower shape, Wild pansy is also known as the human face flower, face flower. wild pansy usually flowers by three colors, so called pansy. Avoid high temperature, Wild pansy like a cool environment, cold resistance avoid water.  

12 cheapest online flowers
Wild pansy is one of the cheapest online flowers

9. Evening primrose

Evening primrose has strong adaptability, lax requirements on soil, drought and infertility tolerance, beautiful flowers and bright colors when flowering, and can be propagated by sowing or cuttings.  

12 cheapest online flowers
Evening primrose is one of the cheapest online flowers

10. West Indian Lantana

West Indian Lantana flower is composed of multiple small big corolla, flower is very characteristic, it according to different varieties and flowering time, the crown will be yellow, red, pink, orange, blue, and many other colors, colorful, very beautiful. west indian lantana particularly adaptable, prefers warm and moist environment, drought and barren, the fertility is relaxed, but not cold, under the condition of growth for five colours may bloom all the year round.  

12 cheapest online flowers
West Indian Lantana is one of the cheapest online flowers

11. African impatiens 

African impatiens is a perennial fleshy herb, flowering flowers colorful, numerous, African phoenix adaptability is strong, like full of sunshine, wet environment, not drought tolerant, not tolerant of water, afraid of exposure. As long as the growing environment is suitable for annual flowering.  

12 cheapest online flowers
African impatiens is one of the cheapest online flowers

12. Garden Nasturtium 

Garden Nasturtium leaves like bowl lotus, long flowering period, and flowers can be as long as 8-9 days after opening. The whole plant can blossom dozens of flowers at the same time. Garden Nasturtium likes warm, avoid exposure to the sun, not cold, under suitable growth conditions, can blossom all the year round.  
12 cheapest online flowers
Garden Nasturtium is one of the cheapest online flowers