How to propagate Euphorbia obesa

Written by Maggie

Oct 13 2021

How to propagate Euphorbia obesa

The bulb and color of Euphorbia obesa is special, so it has become a beautiful houseplant favored by many succulents. Below are the propagation methods of Euphorbia obesa.

Euphorbia obesa

Euphorbia obesa seeding propagation

1. With sowing. If you want to retain seeds, cultivation should pay attention to male and female plant collocation and pollination.

2. Sowing. Since Euphorbia obesa is a dioecious plant, it needs manual pollination to bear fruit, and the seeds are easy to spring off when ripe.

3. Germinate about 15-20 days after sowing, and the seedlings grow slowly. Graft, use the same plant bulb root as rootstock, use the Euphorbia obesa seedling as scion, tie tightly with fine thread, it will heal in about 20 days. After grafting, the growth of the small ball will accelerate.

Euphorbia obesa

The main points of growing Euphorbia obesa

1. Cultivation: Potted seedlings slightly dry are good. The spring growth period can be properly watered. In summer high temperature and winter low temperature, keep dry as far as possible.

2. Spring seedlings for a basin, the soil slightly complete granular fertilizer. In the process of cultivation, it is necessary to move less to avoid damage to the sphere, otherwise the wound is easy to flow white milk, easy to cause spots and rot.

3. Indoor curing in winter. Generally grown for 5-6 years, the bulb of Euphorbia obesa is prone to aging and is dull in color, which needs sowing and updating.

Euphorbia obesa