How to grow Euphorbia obesa

Written by Maggie

Oct 13 2021

How to grow Euphorbia obesa

The bulb and color of Euphorbia obesa is special, so it has become a beautiful houseplant favored by many succulents. The Euphorbia obesa growing methods are described below.

Euphorbia obesa

1. Euphorbia obesa growing: Plenty of light

Euphorbia obesa likes warm and sunny, too much damp and dark will cause the lower stem brown spots.

2. Euphorbia obesa growing: Soil requirement

Culture soil requires plain sandy soil with good drainage. In winter, Euphorbia obesa is better to maintain above 5℃ and properly maintain dry basin-soil.

Euphorbia obesa

3, Euphorbia obesa growing: growing point

Propagation is used for sowing. If seed is to be retained, attention should be paid to the mating and pollination of male and female plants in cultivation. Less water and more sunshine, the better the medium water, summer.

4, Water thoroughly with Euphorbia obesa

The growth period of Euphorbia obesa is basically dry and then fed water, do not cover head dill, poor ventilation easily rotten. Water supply must be gradual in spring, pay attention to the changes in the weather.

Euphorbia obesa