How to propagate Common Water Hyacinth

Written by Maggie

Dec 22 2020

How to propagate Common Water Hyacinth

When it comes to propagating Common Water Hyacinth, there are generally two methods suitable for indoor use: planting and sowing. It is very simple to separate the stolons from the mother plant and then plant them separately. Common Water Hyacinth seeds are selected and planted on the Water surface. After germination and leafing, they are transplanted.

Common Water Hyacinth

Common Water Hyacinth propagation Method

1.Strain splitting propagation method of Common Water Hyacinth

Common Water Hyacinth has many axillary buds, and they can all develop into new plants. So how can Common Water Hyacinth reproduce? You can also choose the method of plant division.The method is also very simple. In the Common Water Hyacinth growth season, take longer stolons, break them off and plant them separately, and they will soon form independent new plants.

2. Sowing propagation methods of Common Water Hyacinth

1. Get Common Water Hyacinth seeds

Seeds can be obtained after Common Water Hyacinth blossoms, so the propagation method of Common Water Hyacinth can also be selected as a sowing method. If you don't want to buy seeds, then in September and October, near the end of the flowering period of Common Water Hyacinth, you can pick off the bent fruiting pedicels, spread them out for dark air drying after harvest, peel off the skins, take out the seeds, and choose the plump seeds among them for sowing.

Common Water Hyacinth

2. Sowing method

After the seeds are obtained, they are stored. Then, from late February to early March, the full and yellow-brown seeds of Common Water Hyacinth are taken out and soaked in 25-30℃ Water for 10 days. After that, it was taken out and planted on the water surface. The well was kept at a temperature and humidity of about 3O℃.

3. Caring after sowing

The Common water hyacinth seed germination takes place 1-2 weeks after sowing, and when the seedlings are non-publicly-tested with 5-6 leaves, the Publicly-tested Leaf poke scheme is publicly-tested. At this time, the seedlings can be branched and transplanted, and then they can be maintained according to the Common Water Hyacinth breeding method, and then they will bloom in the same year.

In general, the propagation method of Common Water Hyacinth is very simple. No matter sowing or separating plants, they can survive, and the survival rate is up to 100% with proper operation. For those who are very fond of Common Water Hyacinth, you might as well choose one method to reproduce. When the time comes, multiple plants of Common Water Hyacinth will bloom together, and the scenery will be very beautiful.

Common Water Hyacinth