How to propagate Burros Tail

Written by Maggie

Feb 03 2021

How to propagate Burros Tail

Burro's Tail is usually propagated by leaf insertion or cuttings, but Burro's Tail is usually propagated by leaf insertion, especially when Burro's Tail is used to burst a pot. Now, let's look at the propagation methods of Burro's Tail.

propagate Burros Tail

1. Leaf insertion propagation of Burro's Tail

1. Select leaves for insertion propagation of Burro's Tail

Usually the most popular method for Burro's Tail propagation is leaf insertion. You can pick some Burro's Tail and breed it, and a new Burro's Tail will grow. It is easy to peel off some of its leaves. It is not crazy.

Burro's Tail leaf insertion propagation process

Then sprinkle the peeled leaves evenly into the pot as if they were seeds. When you're done, don't rush to water the plants until they've taken root. This will ensure more Burro's tails.

Care for Burro's Tail leaf insertion propagation

After the Burro's Tail leaf insertion propagation, we can hang it on the balcony of the sun, never let it caught in the rain, and can then be careful to observe, if its medium is not particularly dry, do not have to water, if is very dry, you can go to a watering it, in the water, also should pay attention to not put the water on its blade, because it leaves on a layer of powder. If add water, wash it and put the layer of powder.And then when fertilizing. It is also important to pay attention after Burro's Tail leaf insertion propagation that does not apply too much, to prevent root burning, we only need to apply once every season is enough. Also in the time of planting it, also want to try to be careful, do not often touch him, because its leaves are very fragile, a little touch will be easy to fall off, so try not to touch him. It will grow into a Burro's Tail in a short time.

propagate Burros Tail

2. Cutting propagation method of Burro's Tail

When we carry out cutting propagation method of Burro's Tail, first of all, from the Burro 's Tail branches on the choice, of course also can be gained by beheading Burro' s Tail branches, and took off, and then in ventilated place dry, stay Burro 's Tail dry branches, insert branches in the soil, put all the Burro' s Tail cutting good branches, put the cuttings of flowerpot in ventilated place, keep soil moisture, appropriate without how long it will take root.