How to propagate Babys Breath

Written by Maggie

Jan 21 2021

How to propagate Babys Breath

Baby's Breath is a common family potted plant, which can be propagated by sowing and cutting. Flower friends can choose the appropriate propagation method according to their own situation. The following are the steps of cutting and sowing propagation methods of Baby's Breath.

propagation methods of Baby's Breath.

Cutting propagation method of Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath commercialized cut flower production, seedling propagation to tissue culture, can also be cuttings, some single-petal species available seed propagation. In southern China, most plants are planted in autumn, with about 2000 plants per mu.

General propagation by cutting propagation, in the spring will plant new branches cut about 10 cm, 3 ~ 4 roots for a bundle of cuttings in the sand bed moisture spraying, about 15 days to take root, and then cultivate more than 20 days time to transplant to the soil to cultivate the seedlings for sale. Generally about 30 days to take root. In the plum rain season it can be used in the cutting propagation, select the top cuttings in that year, 2 ~ 3 weeks after the root.

The planting rooting rate of qian is not too high, so cuttings with 4-5 pairs of leaves should be selected, and cuttings treated with root powder or other austrophin should be planted on the bedding with perlite as the substrate. The cuttings are not subject to seasonal restrictions, but the best period is from mid to late March to early July and from late September to early November. When the temperature is above 15℃, it can be rooted in 20 days.

Tissue culture: stem tip culture, high reproduction coefficient, good root growth, good seedling quality. The cut flowers produced by tissue culture seedlings are straight and straight, pure in color and high in quality. 

propagation methods of Baby's Breath.

Baby's Breath's propagation method of sowing

When propagating baby's breath by sowing, sow in September, cover with fine soil, germinate in about 10 days, and move to a cold bed for overwintering before winter. The suitable temperature for germination is 15 ~ 20 degrees. Suitable temperature for growth: 10 ~ 25 degrees. Sowing propagation time: early autumn - early spring.

Seedling transplanting: After the baby's breath is alive, bring soil to transplant in the open ground in the next spring, and pick the heart once after seedling transplanting to make it more branched. To plant height of more than 20 centimeters, irrigation amount to reduce, slightly drought can promote flowering, generally in the middle and late May flowering.

Cold areas suitable for spring sowing, soil does not freeze areas can be autumn sowing. The optimum temperature for germination was 21 ~ 22℃. 7 ~ 10 days seedling unearthed. After transplanting, the heart will be picked when it grows to about 8 nodes, and the buds will be wiped when the lateral buds grow to 5-10cm, and the weak buds will be removed and the strong ones will be left. Water should be irrigated frequently in the early stage of colonization, and water should be controlled properly when flower buds start to form.

Baby's breath can also be directly planted in the open before freezing in November or sown in early spring.

propagation methods of Baby's Breath.