How to propagate Australian Chestnut

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to propagate Australian Chestnut

Australian Chestnut is a kind of popular plant around the world, which is cultivated all over the world. With more people growing, there are concerns about propagation. How to propagate Australian Chestnut? Below we’ll make up to take you to understand.

Speaking of australian chestnut breeding, in fact, is generally based on sowing propagation. The survival rate is relatively high. In addition, it can also carry out cutting propagation, the following has the specific operation method of these two propagation methods.

Australian Chestnut

Australian Chestnut seeding propagation Method 

1. Sowing time:sowing in spring

The sowing time of Australian Chestnut has a certain impact on its survival rate. Choosing an appropriate time for sowing is able to improve the survival rate. We can choose in the spring, because the climate and environment are more suitable for its growth.

2. Seeds should be accelerated and soaked in warm water for 24 hours

Before sowing the Australian Chestnut in the spring, it is better to soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours, which can play a role in accelerating the seeding, generally soaked to the seeds beginning to absorb water when the expansion will be taken out and seeded.

3. Sowing method: germination in 7-10 days

In the Australian Chestnut propagation method, sowing propagation is a more commonly used method. First of all, we can spread the accelerated seeds evenly on the soil surface, and then cover them with 1-2cm soil for watering. Remember to water them thoroughly in one time, and then the seeds can germinate in 7-10 days.

Australian Chestnut

Australian Chestnut cutting propagation Method  

1. Pick cuttings and choose healthy branches

Before we carry out cutting propagation, first we need to choose cuttings, generally it is better to choose Australian Chestnut on the growth of more robust branches, so the survival rate will be higher. If the choice looks very delicate, basically we can declare the cuttings failed.

2. Cuttage method: pour permeable water after cuttage

In the Australian Chestnut propagation method, cutting propagation is a relatively simple one. First we can use chopsticks in the pot of earth into a hole, and then the cuttings inserted into it, then pouring water and static routing, so that the operation can avoid damage to the cuttings, which is very practical.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, for the Australian Chestnut propagation I believe that we have a certain understanding. We can carry out normal maintenance after propagating successfully in accordance with the above methods.

Australian Chestnut