How to grow Zizania Latifolia

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

How to grow Zizania Latifolia

Zizania Latifolia mainly lives in water. Due to its special living habits, Zizania Latifolia is currently only cultivated in China and Vietnam. Here is a detailed description of Zizania Latifolia's growing method.

Zizania Latifolia

1. Time for growing Zizania Latifolia

Generally planting before the end of November to April or June to August in the southern region of Zizania Latifolia, but only after autumn harvest, should be completed in late April or August at the latest. Single season zizania latifolia is generally cultivated in spring, during autumn short sunshine pregnant period, harvested in the 8th lunar month.

2. Zizania Latifolia planting: 

Zizania Latifolia is propagated by plant division method, and the quality of plant planting directly affects the binding capacity, yield and quality of Zizania Latifolia. Due to the difference of invasion time, quantity and cultivation management level, it often leads to the degeneration of species, which leads to the emergence of male Zizania Latifolia, so plant selection should be strictly selected every year. Requirements for the selection of excellent plants: in the year plant shape neat, early pregnant period, harvest time, large harvest time, beautiful scenery; The junction part is low, and mature consistent; No male swollen gallbladder, lime, no shell in green, deformity of the extension of the bamboo.

Seedling should be planted during double season three times strictly selected; The first time was used in the harvest bamboo of Zizania Latifolia planted in that year, and fine individual plants were selected for planting and markers were made according to the seed selection criteria. In the second time during the spring bamboo harvest, the selection of the plant in the first time shall be made for the reselection, and the period shall be removed if it fails to meet the standard; The third time, in combination with winter field management, timely dig out male plants, mixed plants, grey plants, deformed Zizania Latifolia. Generally, 250 seed piers are needed for planting 1 acre field.

Before planting, leave 10cm, cut off the ground dead leaves of the excellent seed mound, dig out the seed mound, chop up the healthy old stalk seedling, and take one old stalk with root as one seedling. The planting density was 1m in the wide row, 0.8m in the narrow row, and 0.6m in the spacing, with about 1400 piers per mu. The depth of planting should be the white part of the old stem into the mud (i.e. the original depth).

3. Wild gall Farmland for Zizania Latifolia

The early or late harvest time of the double-season Zizania Latifolia cultivation in southern China was related to soil layer, water depth and water temperature control, etc. General paddy field high elevation to be lower than the elevation of early harvest time, windward hill field than the low-lying wind field early harvest time, shallow soil (best 20 ~ 27cm) than the depth of the field early harvest time. Therefore, in southern China, Zizania Latifolia should strive to choose a waterfield with sufficient water, convenient drainage and irrigation, ventilation and shallow soil layer for planting. The paddy field planting is generally ploughed in time after the rice harvest, and the old galloping field is generally ploughed in time after the harvest in autumn to fully bask in the field and build the ridge to ensure that the field can be filled with 15 ~ 20cm water. In the whole field, 100 Dan of manure or 1000kg of chicken manure and 50kg of phosphate fertilizer were applied to each acre for base fertilizer. The soil was raked flat and the irrigation water was 2 ~ 3cm to reach the level of the field, mud rot and fertilizer feet.

Zizania Latifolia

4. Irrigation for Zizania Latifolia

Zizania Latifolia should not cut off water during the whole growth period, and water level should be adjusted with different growth stages.

5. Topdressing for Zizania Latifolia

Early but not late should be used for topdressing in southern Zizania Latifolia in the double season to promote early seedling development and early pregnancy swollen gall. Combined with water layer management, it can promote effective tiller in the early stage, control ineffective tiller in the later stage, promote pregnant period, increase yield and quality. Zizania Latifolia grows long, plant tall, large amounts of fertilizer, in addition to sufficient base fertilizer, must be timely topdressing.

A field can be cultivated and weeded by means of an iron rake or an artificial hand between the rows of Zizania Latifolia plants to achieve the purpose of ploughing, loosening the soil and weeding, and also to improve the soil temperature and accelerate the decomposition of fertilizer. Generally, the fields were ploughed two to three times, the first time at the beginning of the regeneration, and then every 15 days.

6. Clean male and gray Zizania Latifolia

The male and gray Zizania Latifolia can't be gained, and should be removed at any time. The empty space can be filled up by the seedling on the wild gall bladder with many tillers.

7. Peeling dead leaves and pulling yellow leaves pf male and gray Zizania Latifolia

Peeling dead leaves and pulling yellow leaves to remove old dead leaves and improve the ventilation and light conditions between plants. General in the late spring harvest, according to the plant growth situation, the old leaves stripping light, the requirement is not to pull the pull of the yellow leaves tramp into the field as fertilizer.

8. Thinning seedlings and filling seedlings

If double-season Zizania Latifolia planted in southern China has more than 15 stalks and tillers per pier, thinning seedlings should be carried out, over-dense small tillers should be removed, effective tillers should be kept at about 15 ~ 20 per pier, after thinning out the bamboo tube to press a piece of mud in the middle, so as to make plants evenly distributed, ventilating and transparent.

Zizania Latifolia