How to grow cultivated radish

Written by Maggie

Feb 04 2021

How to grow cultivated radish

This cultivated Radish's diminutive size appeals to many florists. So how to grow this lovely mini cultivated Radish? Let's read on to find out!

Generally cultivated Radish can be grown all year, but occasionally in the summer the leaves may be too large and the roots may not grow properly. Therefore, the germination temperature is 15 to 30℃. After germination, it can be moved to a place with sufficient sunlight. In spring, special attention should be paid to aphids and diamondback moths.

1. Prepare materials for growing cultivated radish

Cultivated Radish seeds, long flower pots, pot bottom net, pot bottom stone, vegetable cultivation soil, fertilizer.

2. Prepare the pots for growing cultivated radish

It is necessary to sow in a drill way, so it is necessary to prepare a long flower pot. The bottom of the drill flowerpot is covered with a potted bottom net and potted bottom stone or foaming refining stone, until the potted bottom is out of sight.

3. Pour in vegetable soil.

4. Fertilize the soil for growing cultivated radish

If the culture soil is not fertilized beforehand, solid fertilizer is applied as the base fertilizer.

grow cultivated radish

5. Water the soil for growing cultivated radish

Pour into the culture soil, leaving about 3-4 cm of water space, and enough water, until the bottom of the pot out of water.

6. Draw a tankful for growing cultivated radish

With a bamboo stick or finger to dig out a straight sowing with a strip full groove, long flowerpot can draw two full grooves, between the full groove needed to keep 6 centimeters.

7. Sow the seeds of cultivated radish to grow

Sow the seeds one by one, 1-2 cm apart from each seed, and try not to let the seeds overlap. To avoid dry soil, do not let seeds overlap and can be covered with a layer of newspaper before germination to prevent moisture evapotranspiration.

8. Move to the sunlight place for growing cultivated radish

It will sprout in 2-3 days after sowing. After germination, it can be moved to a sunny place.

grow cultivated radish

9. Thin out seedlings for growing cultivated radish

One week after germination, the leaves will begin to grow, and the shoots will gradually grow thick, then the seedlings can be thinned.

10. Thin out seedlings again for growing cultivated radish

This leaf grows gradually, and when it grows to about 4-5 pieces, the seedlings can be thinned again, leaving about 5 cm spacing between the plants.

11. Add more soil for growing cultivated radish

After thinning, add soil around the plant to strengthen and fix the plant.

grow cultivated radish

12. Fertilize the soil for growing cultivated radish

About 3 weeks after sowing, apply solid fertilizer.

13. Water the soil for growing cultivated radish

Leaves begin to grow and the stems begin to thicken. If the soil is dry at this point, water it with plenty of water immediately, because if you don't get enough water, cultivated Radish will become hard and bent.

14. Harvest the cultivated radish after growing

Once the roots of the plant start to swell and show, it's time to harvest.

grow cultivated radish