How to grow Victoria Amazonica

Written by Maggie

Dec 18 2020

How to grow Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica is huge and beautiful, up to about 30 cm in diameter. It is larger than the common lotus flower. It has 60 or 70 petals, arranged in several circles within sepals. Generally each flower can open for about three days, dusk opens toward close, and the color changes with time, the first day evening, just out of the water soon bud affectionate, milky white, to 19-20 when gradually open, and within half an hour completely open.

Victoria Amazonica

Water management for growing Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica has lived in water for its entire life.

Fertilizer management for growing Victoria Amazonica

After the rise of temperature in spring (8 ~ 10 ℃) can be planted, potted plants should be about 50 centimeters in diameter. The basin bottom hole covered with tiles is good, add 3 ~ 5 cm thick pond silt, put on 3 cm thick rotten organic fertilizer as basal. This cover on the pond silt, half height to the pot, put roots, fill in the pond silt, mud surface from the basin along the around 12 to 18 cm.

Victoria Amazonica

Good rhizome, add water, depth of about 2 cm. After the small floating leaves grow, it is necessary to apply liquid fertilizer at the right time. It is suggested that we carefully prepare "Huabao" series of household flower fertilizer. This series of fertilizer has a special formula for it, which can meet the needs of its growth and flowering to the maximum extent:

Spring: after the temperature rises, plants germinate quickly, grow, we can irrigate "protect flower treasure". Pour "protect flower treasure" before the residual water inside the jar is cleared up, add again "protect flower treasure" fertilizer liquid arrives at the basin edge. Fertilizer and water can be recycled according to the sequence of "Huabao" - water - "Huabao" - water.The interval is about 3 ~ 4 days.

In the summer with high temperatures, humidity is big and the demand for fertilizer is also large. Therefore, victoria amazonica should also be continuous casting a water the water once again becomes treasure ", namely "becomes treasure" - water - becomes treasure "- water and so on, the interval of fertilizer and water days is about 1 ~ 2 days, to keep the pot of water or liquid fertilizer not rancid, avoid breeding flies.

Autumn: After entering the autumn, it will bloom naturally, after seeing the buds, only water on the line.

Flower hind arrives frost to descend stage, it can wither gradually, enter dormancy state. We need to move Victoria Amazonica indoors. Maintain the water that has a centimeter deep only about inside the basin or simply pour out water, and maintain basin soil only wet.

Victoria Amazonica