How to care for Victoria Amazonica

Written by Maggie

Dec 18 2020

How to care for Victoria Amazonica

Aquatic plants are a kind of amazing plants with amazing tenacity of vitality. Water plants of the lotus type are highly ornamental, while Victoria Amazonica is the queen of water lilies, exerting great pressure on all water lilies. What are the breeding methods and precautions of Victoria Amazonica? Below we will make up for you to answer!

Victoria Amazonica

How to care Victoria Amazonica

1.Light for Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica grows leaves on the surface of the water and likes sunshine very much. Basically, it is under full sunshine that victoria amazonica grows rapidly and grows, and maintains a relatively perfect body shape. Victoria Amazonica has small and thin leaves and does not flower easily, so it must have sufficient light.

2.Temperature for Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica is from the tropical region of South America, with poor cold resistance. When the temperature is below 20℃, Victoria Amazonica stops growing, so special attention should be paid to the temperature and water temperature of Victoria Amazonica. Victoria Amazonica will freeze to death when the temperature is below 8℃. Therefore, it is only suitable for conservation in tropical areas, while conservation costs in other places are too high.

3. Depth of the water for Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica needs water to grow, but not all water areas can survive. In the place where Victoria Amazonica lives, the water depth should be no more than 1 meter, so that the leaves of Wang Lian can extend naturally. If the water is too deep, Victoria Amazonica cannot live.

4. Clean water for Victoria Amazonica

The growth of Victoria Amazonica requires very clean water. If the water quality in the water is very poor, all kinds of diseases and insect pests will breed in the water in the hot summer, which will seriously affect the growth of Victoria Amazonica and lead to the non-flowering of Victoria Amazonica. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the water clean at all times.

5. Fertilization for Victoria Amazonica

Although Victoria Amazonica can grow in water without fertilizer. In order to grow the leaves of Victoria Amazonica beautifully and large, we still need to apply manure or cake fertilizer to Victoria Amazonica. In this way, Victoria Amazonica can be large and beautiful, and at the time of flowering, it needs topdressing, so as to ensure the flowering rate.

Victoria Amazonica

How to care Victoria Amazonica diseases and insect pests

Although Victoria Amazonica is an aquatic plant, diseases and insect pests may occur if maintenance is not achieved, and it is more difficult to control and control the diseases and insect pests of Victoria Amazonica. Therefore, prevention should be made as early as possible so that the diseases and insect pests do not affect the growth of Victoria Amazonica. If pests and diseases appear, spray immediately.

Victoria Amazonica growing tips 

1. Propagation: Sowing is Victoria Amazonica main propagation path. Sowing is generally in April of each year. At the same time before sowing seeds should also be treated, and prevent seeds in the water about 28 degrees to accelerate germination, and then sowing can be about a week to germinate.

2. Pruning: Pruning is the procedure shortly before the growth of Victoria Amazonica. Because its branches and leaves are relatively large, if the length is too dense, there is no light transmittance. It is easy to appear lesions, so cutting off some branches and leaves that are too crazy to grow can ensure its normal viewing.

Victoria Amazonica