How to grow Tradescantia navicularis

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Tradescantia navicularis

Tradescantia navicularis belongs to the succulent plant. The design of it is very strange, and has very high ornamental value. When breeding Tradescantia navicularis, we need to find a suitable soil, pay attention to the watering fertilizer, changes in soil, the summer sun and winter to keep warm.In this way you can breed the beautiful Tradescantia Navicularis.

Tradescantia Navicularis

Tradescantia Navicularis family farming methods

1. Soil requirements

If you farm tradescantia navicularis at home, you need to choose a suitable big made of baked clay, and then select the suitable for cultivation of the soil, Tradescantia navicularis prefers loose soil, good drainage, and fertile soil, which can with peat, vermiculite and pearlite proportion to the amount of 5:3:2 mix, so the soil is not only suitable for breeding Tradescantia navicularis, but can increase the ornamental value.

2. Water in time

Tradescantia navicularis likes to grow in moist environment, soil and air, so you need timely water Tradescantia navicularis. In the spring and autumn season, it can be watered once every 2 ~ 5 days. When the weather is hot and dry in summer, watered once every morning and evening. when the temperature is too high, we also need to spray some water around Tradescantia navicularis, but not spray to the Tradescantia navicularis blade,Otherwise, or it will have a very bad effect. It is enough to ensure the moisture of the soil in winter, but do not water too much each time to prevent water accumulation.

3. Fertilize appropriately

Tradescantia Navicularis is a plant that needs nutrients for cultivation, but it is not allowed to fertilize too much each time, otherwise it is easy to cause the phenomenon of shortening. Spring and autumn are the most vigorous seasons for Tradescantia Navicularis growth, so it is necessary to apply fleshly fertilizer or organic fertilizer every half a month. Summer and winter are not suitable for fertilization, otherwise it will affect the growth of Tradescantia Navicularis.

Tradescantia Navicularis

Precautions for family breeding of Tradescantia Navicularis

1. Change pots and soil

A lot of friends don't know Tradescantia navicularis family breeding methods and matters needing attention. When breeding Tradescantia navicularis, we need to pay attention to change the basin and soil every two years in the spring, all at the same time. Trim and cut away all the dead leaves and long stalks, and planted in new soil.

2. Summer shading

Like most plants, Tradescantia Navicularis needs sufficient sunlight to grow better. Especially in winter, it is necessary to give Tradescantia Navicularis full sunlight, otherwise it will affect the growth of Tradescantia Navicularis and reduce the ornamental value of Tradescantia Navicularis. However, Tradescantia Navicularis cannot bask in strong sunlight., which will cause the death of Tradescantia Navicularis, so it is best to work on shading every summer. 

3. Keep warm in winter

Tradescantia Navicularis is not cold resistant, it is suitable for growing at 18 ~ 25℃, not lower than 10℃, otherwise it will cause Tradescantia Navicularis to stop growing, or even directly cause Tradescantia Navicularis to die. So it needs to keep warm in winter, move Tradescantia Navicularis indoors, use air conditioners, heaters and other heating supplies, and keep the temperature above 10℃ to help Tradescantia Navicularis survive the winter.

Tradescantia Navicularis