How to grow Spiral Aloe

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Spiral Aloe

When breeding Spiral Aloe, we can use the mixture of leaf soil, peat made cultivating soil. In the summer we can increase water quantity. Apply phosphorus compound fertilizer every half a month when it looks like in the good cases.  Give priority to using thin light fat, and we must not use the heavy weight.

Spiral Aloe

Breeding method of Spiral Aloe

1. Suitable soil

Good air permeability is the first step for Spiral Aloe healthy growth. Spiral Aloe is most suitable for growth in loose, breathable and well-drained fertile soil. Autotroph can be mixed with leaf rot soil, peat, sand ceramsite and vermiculite to make soil culture, and it is more conducive to its growth and development to release soil irregularly.

2. Water regularly

Spiral Aloe does not require much water. If the soil is kept dry and wet, it will grow effectively. In summer, the water will be increased, because the temperature is high and the water is easy to evaporate, and in winter, the water will be reduced appropriately.

3. Fertilization management

Fertilization management is one of the breeding methods and considerations for Spiral Aloe. Fertilization hardly needs to be applied during the growth period, except in the case of good growth, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer is applied once every half a month, which can make the branches and leaves more robust. Thin and light fertilizer should be used for fertilization, and heavy fertilizer should not be used, otherwise the root system will be burned.

Spiral Aloe

4. Get plenty of light

Sufficient light will make Spiral Aloe's blade more full and bright, Spiral Aloe loves the warm sunlight the most, and the light time every day should be no less than 5 hours. In summer when the light is strong, the sun screen can be used to make it have astigmatism refraction.

Matters needing attention when breeding Spiral Aloe

According to the speed of Spiral Aloe growth, the faster growing plants need to be changed every two years, and the slower plants need to be changed every three years, and it is mostly in spring. So it is difficult for Spiral Aloe to flower. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when changing the basin to avoid damaging the root system and harmful to the future growth.

Spiral Aloe