How to grow Senecio herreianus

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Senecio herreianus

Basin of Senecio herreianus generally needs to double every two years in soil. Peat soil, coarse sand mixed matrix are available, and usually it needs to be put in sunlight for careful maintenance. In the winter, control the temperature in 5 ~ 10 ℃, complete the anti-freezing measures are good. We need to keep the soil moist, don't make the soil dry up, and in a timely manner topdressing fertilizer.

Senecio Herreianus

The farming method of Senecio Herreianus

1. Turn the pot and change the soil

Senecio Herreianus has strict requirements on the soil. It is generally necessary to turn and replace the soil every 1 year, otherwise the soil is easy to stiffen, so that it cannot provide nutrients and water in time. Each time you change the soil to avoid damaging the roots of the plant, you can mix peat and coarse sand to make the pot full.

2. Growing environment

Senecio Herreianus is resistant to drought and shade but not to cold, so it should be carefully kept on the sunny side. When the hot summer comes, it is necessary to take sunscreen measures, while in winter, it will go into hibernation, which is the most vulnerable time for Senecio Herreianus. At this time, the temperature should be controlled at 5-10 ℃, and anti-freezing measures should be taken.

3. Water and fertilizer management

In the breeding methods and precautions for Senecio Herreianus, the soil must not dry up, otherwise it will become dehydrated and affect its growth. When entering the dormant period, the amount of watering should be controlled, and organic fertilizer should be timely applied during the growth period.

Senecio Herreianus

4. Cuttage propagation

Under normal conditions, senecio herreianus will be propagated from cuttings. First, it is necessary to take healthy Senecio Herreianus branches, whose branches are fleshy and will shed a lot of juice. At this time, it is necessary to apply grass ash to the wound, wait for the wound to heal and insert it into the matrix, then the branch will take root again.

Precautions for breeding Senecio Herreianus

Although Senecio Herreianus is a succulent plant with fast growth rate, it must be pruned every spring, otherwise it will affect its ornamental value. It is easy for Senecio Herreianus to grow in the spring. We need to cut off the growing parts and remove the yellow branches to make it grow better.

Senecio Herreianus