How to grow Sedun joyce tulloch

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

How to grow Sedun joyce tulloch

Sedun Joyce Tulloch is a succulent plant that is easy to conserve and easy to grow at a crazy rate if properly maintained.And how can Sedun Joyce Tulloch be raised?Sedun Joyce Tulloch does not require fertilization, but only soil quality, moisture, light and temperature.

Sedun Joyce Tulloch

1. Proper soil for Sedun Joyce Tulloch

The succulent soil of Sedun Joyce Tulloch must be loose and breathable and have good drainage.It can be evenly mixed with peat soil and coconut bran, and a small amount of bottom fertilizer can be added to the bottom of the upper basin, which is more suitable for the growth of Sedun Joyce Tulloch.

2. Water properly for Sedun Joyce Tulloch

The spring and autumn season is the growth season of Sedun Joyce Tulloch. It needs to be watered fully, 2-3 times a week, to keep the basin and soil moist.And summer watering is 1 ~ 2 days a time, the frequency of high water will be less, to avoid water;Once a half a month in winter;Do not water when watering, let the leaf cluster water, may lead to leaf rot.

Sedun Joyce Tulloch

3. Good light for Sedun Joyce Tulloch

If you don't know how to raise the meat of Sedun Joyce Tulloch, you must control the light. Only sufficient sunlight can keep the normal growth of Sedun Joyce Tulloch and the leaves will grow more compact and bright.If there is not enough light, it will cause the branches and leaves to grow, loose and dull.Proper shade is needed in the summer when there is strong light.

4. Control the temperature for Sedun Joyce Tulloch

The temperature suitable for Sedun Joyce Tulloch succulent growth should be between 15 ℃ and 30℃, shade ventilation should be appropriate in the case of high temperature in summer, and the temperature above 35℃ will enter into a short dormancy, and watering should be stopped at this time.When the temperature drops below 10℃, stop watering to avoid root rot.

Sedun Joyce Tulloch