How to grow Sedum x rubrotinctum Clausen

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow Sedum x rubrotinctum Clausen

The key to breeding Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen is to provide sufficient light to make its leaves more red and more attractive. It should also be kept at a moderate temperature of 10 to 28 degrees Celsius, watered with a little twice a week, given a thin organic liquid once a month, and replaced with a pruning of Sedum x Rubrotinctum Clausen every spring to allow it to thrive.

Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen picture

Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

1. Sunlight exposure of Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

Providing adequate light to sedum x rubrotinctum Clausen's farming methods is critical. The right amount of light makes Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen look better and more colorful. Put it in a sunny place to receive the sun, its leaves will turn red slowly, and it needs to pay attention to shade properly in the high temperature in summer.

2. Appropriate temperature of Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

Sedum X rubrotinctum Clausen prefers to grow in a warm environment and its optimum temperature is between 10 ℃ and 28℃. But Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen is highly temperature tolerant and hardy. When winter temperature is 5℃ above, it can safely overwinter. But it is best to control the temperature 10℃ above.

3. Water of Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen is a drought-tolerant succulent plant that doesn't need much water and just needs a little watering to allow it to grow. Generally in its growing period, water every 3 ~ 4 days and in the winter when temperature drops, water every 7 ~ 10 days.

4. Fertilizer of Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

When it comes to fertilizer, Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen also needs only a small amount of light fertilizer to grow well. Usually, sedum x rubrotinctum clausen is fertilized once a month, mainly with thin organic fertilizer solution, and nutrients are supplemented at appropriate times. When fertilizing, do not let the fertilizer liquid splash on the branches and leaves, to avoid the appearance of decomposition.

Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

5. Change the basin in time for Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

When raising Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen, it's also refreshed every spring to keep it growing well. The soil prepared by mixing garden soil and coarse sand can be changed when changing basin, and a small amount of bone powder can be added to make it fertile. It also needs to be trimmed during basin changing so that it can grow better.

6. Breeding methods of Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen

(1) Sowing and reproduction

Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen is generally seeded and propagated every year from February to May. The temperature and light are right at this time, which can make it germinate rapidly. Sow the ready ripe seeds in the soil, keep the temperature between 18 ℃ and 21℃, water the soil slightly moist, and it will germinate in about half a month.

(2) Cutting propagation

Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen’s cutting propagation is relatively common and can be performed at any time, but its survival rate is higher in spring and autumn. The top healthy leaf is cut off, the wound is dried and placed flat on the loose soil. Soon the air root will grow, indicating that the cutting is successful.

Sedum X Rubrotinctum Clausen