How to Grow Sedum Burrito

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

How to Grow Sedum Burrito

Sedum Burrito can tolerate waterlogged and can be grown with fertile, porous culture soil. Sedum Burrito likes temperature and stabilizes the ambient temperature around 20 degrees during curing. You need to give Sedum Burrito plenty of light and moisture during growth, but it's too sunny in the summer, so you need to do a good job of shading the leaves from the burning sun.

Sedum Burrito Picture

Sedum Burrito

Sedum Burrito Soil Care

Sedum Burrito is a variety of succulent plants with compact leaves and a bluish green color that is of high ornamental value. sedum burrito is not waterlogged. To conserve Sedum Burrito, grow it with loose, fertile, breathable, and well-drained soil. A small amount of vermiculite can be applied to the surface of the soil to find other people's breathability.

Sedum Burrito Temperature Care

Sedum Burrito is warm and grows well in warm, dry, well-ventilated climates. Sedum Burrito prefers warm conditions, and is not resistant to high temperatures, and grows well around 20 degrees Celsius. Sedum Burrito is not resistant to high or low temperatures. During summer or winter, Sedum Burrito will not grow normally if the temperature is above 30 degrees or below 10 degrees.

Sedum Burrito

Sedum Burrito Lighting Requirements

Sedum Burrito needs light during its growth, and in well-lit conditions, leaves become progressively more transparent, more compact, and more brightly colored. In spring and autumn, it can be moved to a sunny environment for curing. If the sunlight is too strong in summer, you can move it to a cool and ventilated place to avoid the leaves being burned by the hot sun.

Sedum Burrito Watering

Sedum Burrito has the ability to store water and is resistant to waterlogging and drought. Spring and autumn are the peak growth season for Sedum Burrito, and watering should be done appropriately depending on the soil conditions, keeping the soil moist. During the summer or winter, if Sedum Burrito goes dormant, control the amount of watering to keep the soil dry.

Sedum Burrito