How to grow Perle von Nurnberg

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Perle von Nurnberg

Perle von Nurnberg needs to use rotten leaves, river sand, perlite, slag mixed matrix, to put it in good light curing at ordinary times. Keep the soil moist, to master the principle of soil to see dry water. Usually every other 20 days apply a NPK compound fertilizer, using the leaves to reproduce. In winter, heat preservation measures, and  don't put it in the environment at less than 5 ℃ temperature.

Perle von Nurnberg

The cultivation method of Perle von Nurnberg

1. Preparation of soil

Perle von Nurnberg does not have a high demand for soil, but it is better to plant it in the loose matrix, usually can be used leaf mould, river sand, perlite, slag in accordance with the ratio of 5:2:2:1 mixed as the matrix. Such a soil can make it grow better, promoting the perle von nurnberg blasting basin.

2. Plenty of sunshine

Perle von Nurnberg has a high demand for sunlight. Generally, in Perle von Nurnberg's breeding methods and precautions, it is necessary to place Perle von Nurnberg in the light for careful maintenance. If Perle von Nurnberg lacks light, its leaves will gradually lose color, so it is necessary to give sufficient light at ordinary times.

3. Water and fertilizer management

During the growth period of Perle von Nurnberg, the soil should be kept moist, and the soil should be watered as soon as it is dry. When the climate is too dry, the water should be sprayed on its growth. During the dormant period in summer and winter, the watering frequency should be reduced appropriately.

4. Leaf insertion and propagation

First, the mature leaves near the base were picked, and the leaves were dried in a cool and ventilated place. Then, the leaves were laid flat on the wet sand, and an appropriate amount of water was sprayed on the soil every day to avoid sunlight. After waiting for about 10 days, the leaves would take root and sprout.

Perle von Nurnberg

Perle von Nurnberg breeding matters needing attention

1. Control the temperature

In the process of breeding Perle von Nurnberg, it should be noted that Perle von Nurnberg is not cold-resistant. If the growth temperature is not controlled well in winter, frostbite plants are easy to be damaged. Generally, the temperature should be controlled at 15-25 ℃, while the temperature should not be lower than 5℃ in winter, so temperature control measures should be taken.

2. Disease and insect control

When the growing environment is not ventilated or too dry, it will suffer from pests and diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to placing Perle von Nurnberg in the ventilated environment for breeding, and apply water and fertilizer in time. In summer, it is also necessary to spray DDVP and carbapenem regularly to prevent pests and diseases.

Perle von Nurnberg