How to grow Perfume Flower Tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

How to grow Perfume Flower Tree

Perfume Flower Tree is a common plant in our lives. It can be grown in the soil and water. Today we'll briefly introduce the hydroponic growing method of Perfume Flower Tree and growing Perfume Flower Tree in the soil.

Perfume Flower tree

Growing Perfume Flower tree in the soil

Choose loose and breathable sandy loam soil before growing Perfume Flower trees. Keep them at 18 to 32 degrees and water them properly to keep them moist while they're growing. During the growth period, 30 days about 1 time of thin fertilizer, spring and autumn to give the plant sufficient light, 15 days or so to spray the plant 1 times germicidal agents. The following are growing perfume flower tree in the soil

The soil for growing Perfume Flower tree

The Perfume Flower Tree doesn't take soil. It's resilient, and it's best to grow in loose, breathable, well-drained sandy loam. The rich soil is good for root growth. During the growing season, it is necessary to apply a thin fertilizer solution for about 30 days, and then apply phosphate and potassium fertilizer once more before the flowering period, which can promote plant growth and flowering, and ensure the quality and quantity of flowers.

Water and temperature 

The Perfume Flower tree is temperature-loving. It grows in a warm, airy environment, between 18 and 32 degrees, with a maximum of 38 degrees and a minimum of 5 degrees. Plants in spring and autumn need to be watered to keep the soil moist, and we need to increase the amount of water in summer, appropriate to the leaves to spray moisture. In winter we need to control water, keep the soil dry.


The Perfume Flower tree needs plenty of light to photosynthesize and grow. Spring and autumn is the peak season for plant growth, plant growth needs light, and it can be placed in the plant outdoor maintenance. In summer, when the sun is hot, move the plants to a cool, ventilated location and give them light during the morning and evening. In winter the light is weak, we can put it in the position of daylighting such as the balcony.

Pest control

The Perfume Flower Tree is susceptible to anthracnose in spring when it's kept dark and damp.Sunburn occurs when plants are burned in summer. Common pests are scale insects and fig-tupped thrips. In order to avoid the plant affected by diseases and insect pests. When we grow Perfume Flower tree, it can be sprayed on the plant 1 time carbendazim agent for sterilization and bacteriostasis, and can prevent diseases and insect pests.

Perfume Flower tree

Hydroponic growing method of Perfume Flower Tree

The Perfume Flower Tree is perfect for hydroponic use between March and April. Take a strong, disease-free cut of the Perfume Flower Tree, trim off the excess leaves at the bottom and place it in a ventilated area. After the wound healing that waits for branch, its cuttage is inserted in the vase that contains river water, put the vase in a bright and ventilated position, change water regularly, generally 7 days or so change 1 water. In summer, change water every 3 ~ 4 days. The following are details of hydroponic growing method of Perfume Flower Tree.

The Royals Flower Tree can be grown on soil or in water, and can be cut and bred between March and April. Take a Perfume Flower Tree that's over a year old and growing well. Cut off the strong branches, 12-15cm in length, and keep two or three leaves on the top of the branches. Paint the wound with plant ash and put it in a cool, ventilated place until the wound heals.

Choose a properly sized transparent glass vase, fill it with nutritious spring or river water after disinfection and control the water level. When the wounds on your Perfume Flower Tree heal, put it in a pot and add a sprinkling of nutrients to help it take root faster. Place the vase in a bright and ventilated environment, and generally change the water about 1 time in 7 days.

The Perfume Flower Tree needs to avoid direct sunlight before taking root. Change the water supply regularly, add supplements, and grind up aspirin in water to help it take root. Generally 15 days or so, the branch can give birth to the root system, right now it can protect normally. About 25 ~ 30 days, the root system of the branches is relatively complete, and can be planted or potted.

Control the water level during hydroponics, as high water levels can affect rooting. When changing water, try to use the river water or well water containing nutrients, which is conducive to plant growth, and the water temperature should be close to the indoor temperature. In the summer temperature is high, we need to change water frequently. For the plant root, we need to give the plant sufficient light, promote the growth of plant branches and leaves.

Perfume Flower tree