How to grow Pereskia aculeata Mill

Written by Maggie

Dec 08 2020

How to grow Pereskia aculeata Mill

Pereskia Aculeata Mill is native to Mexico, South America, the Western Indian Ocean and other regions.Pereskia Aculeata Mill seedlings are upright, but when they reach the growth stage, they turn into vines with sharp spines on their leaves. The well-maintained branches have small pink or white flowers, which are very beautiful.

Pereskia Aculeata Mill

1. High-temperature environment for Pereskia Aculeata Mill

Pereskia Aculeata Mill is a kind of plant that likes high temperature. During curing, the growth temperature of pereskia aculeata Mill should be controlled above 25℃, which can make it grow better and become exuberant.In winter, it is necessary to keep the temperature above 10℃, so that it can better survive the cold winter and grow normally in the next year.

2. Loose soil for Pereskia Aculeata Mill

It is also necessary to prepare loose and permeable fertile soil for the maintenance of Pereskia Aculeata Mill. Generally, leaf rot soil with rich nutrients is the most suitable. You can choose to mix leaf rot soil, garden soil and furnace ash in equal amounts to form loose soil with good air permeability and certain fertility.

Pereskia Aculeata Mill

3. Water and fertilizer management for Pereskia Aculeata Mill

Proper watering to keep the soil moist and apply thin fertilizer provide sufficient nutrients for Pereskia Aculeata Mill, making Pereskia Aculeata Mill can grow better.During water and fertilizer management, attention should be paid not to water the Pereskia Aculeata Mill too much to make it water, and not to fertilize it too thick, in case of damage to the roots of Pereskia Aculeata Mill affecting its healthy growth.

4. Top removal for Pereskia Aculeata Mill

Usually, during curing, Pereskia aculeata Mill can be filled with top and heart to make its growth flourish. After finding that Pereskia aculeata Mill has grown too high, its branches should be shortened to keep the appropriate growth height. Pereskia Aculeata Mill can better germinate side branches and reduce unnecessary nutrient consumption to make it grow and thrive.

Pereskia Aculeata Mill