How to grow Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

Written by Maggie

Dec 01 2020

How to grow Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

We need to prepare sandy soil to grow Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae. Usually we can use the rotten leaf soil, sand, perlite, do the soil rock mixture, but also to be put in the balcony, desk in a sunny environment such as breeding. It needs in a timely manner the topdressing fertilizer. In winter we need to control the temperature above 5 ℃.

Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

1. Soil requirements of ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae has high requirements for soil, so it is impossible to plant it blindly, or it will easily cause the root decay of The ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae. It is suggested to plant it in sandy soil, where it can be mixed with materials such as leaf mold, sandy soil, perlite and rock to make it grow well.

2. Give enough light to ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

During the process of planting Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae, we tried to put them in sufficient sunlight. If we planted them at home, we could put them on the balcony, desk, tea table and other places so that the ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae could absorb the nutrients in the soil better and also avoid the Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae growing in the seeds.

Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

3. Water and fertilizer management of Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

When we talked about Ophthalmophyllum, we could master the principle of watering the soil both dry and wet. In summer, we could water it once a day, and in spring and autumn, we need to apply NPK compound fertilizer every half month to make it grow well. But it was unsuitable to water and fertilize it too much.

4. Keep warm in winter for Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae

In fact, Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae has a certain cold tolerance, easy to be frostbitten in winter, and generally puts it in the sunlight in winter. If in the North, it is recommended to control the ambient temperature at more than 5℃ in the evening to avoid the Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae being frostbitten, so that it can safely spend the winter.

Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae