How to grow Monanthes brachycaulon

Written by Maggie

Dec 01 2020

How to grow Monanthes brachycaulon

Monanthes Brachycaulon can be raised with culture soil that is well ventilated and drained, keeping the temperature stable to about 22 degrees Celsius, which is conducive to the growth of the plants. During the curing period, the plants should be given sufficient light and water, but the plants are afraid of strong light and can't bear waterlogging. Shade should be done during summer and water control should be done during summer and winter.

Monanthes Brachycaulon

1, Soil for Monanthes Brachycaulon

Monanthes Brachycaulon is the herb of Crassulaceae. The leaf is much fleshy, the color is emerald green, ornamental value is higher. Before breeding, loose, fertile, breathable and well-drained soil can be used for cultivation and breeding. The soil can also be mixed with peat soil, river sand and coal cinder. The soil has a strong ability to keep fertilizer and is conducive to the growth of the plant root system.

2, Temperature for crassulaceae

Monanthes Brachycaulon prefers a warm, dry and well-ventilated climate to a temperature of about 22 degrees. crassulaceae is not resistant to high temperature. In summer, when the temperature is above 35 degrees, crassulaceae will not grow well. In order to avoid the freezing damage of the plants in winter, the plants should be moved indoors for curing and the temperature should be stabilized above 10 degrees.

Monanthes Brachycaulon

3,Light for crassulaceae

Monanthes Brachycaulon has a stricter environmental requirement. The plants need light to grow, but they don't tolerate it. During spring and autumn, the plants can be placed in a good light location for maintenance. Giving crassulaceae adequate light.During summer, when the light is strong, the plants can be moved to a cool and ventilated place for curing to avoid being burned by the hot sun.

4, Water for crassulaceae

The Monanthes Brachycaulon needs to be watered properly during its growth to keep the soil moist. In summer, it is necessary to control water and environmental humidity. crassulaceae cannot grow normally in a high temperature and humidity environment, and excessive humidity can lead to death of plants. In winter, when the temperature is low and cold, the plants enter the dormant state, they need to control the water and keep the soil dry.

Monanthes Brachycaulon