How to grow Mimosa Pudica

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

How to grow Mimosa Pudica

During breeding Mimosa Pudica, a mixture of leaf mould and sandy soil prepared by an equal ratio is prepared to provide about 5 to 6 hours of scattered light. Avoid low temperature below 10℃ in winter and high temperature above 35℃ in summer. Apply a thin fertilizer once a month. Water every day in summer to keep it moist. It can also be sown and propagated in the spring to make it vigorous.

Mimosa Pudica picture

Mimosa Pudica

1. Fertile soil for Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica is raised in fertile soil. It is possible to mix leaf rot soil and sandy soil in an equal ratio to make it a loose and fertile suitable soil, which can make mimosa grow more exuberant.

2. Adequate light for Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica likes light. In breeding provide enough sunlight to meet the needs of Mimosa Pudica. Generally make it accept 5 ~ 6 hours or so of astigmatism. It should not be kept in a dark environment for a long time. It is easy to make it grow badly.

3. Mimosa Pudica maintenance in summer and winter

In the breeding method of Mimosa Pudica, winter and summer maintenance should be done well. The temperature should not be lower than 10℃ in winter. In summer, the temperature should not be higher than 35℃. Normally, the growth temperature of Mimosa Pudica should be controlled at 20 ~ 30℃ to make Mimosa Pudica grow healthily.

Mimosa Pudica

4. Appropriate amount of water and fertilizer for Mimosa Pudica

During maintenance, thin fertilizer can be applied once a month to make Mimosa Pudica grow more vigorously. Water the pot once a day during the summer to keep the soil moist. But water the Mimosa Pudica every five to seven days in the winter to replenish water and grow it.

5. Mimosa Pudica is seeded and propagated

Mimosa Pudica can be sown and propagated in the spring. Soak the seeds in warm water to hasten planting, and remove the seeds after 24 hours. It is then spread in the prepared loose soil. Cover the soil and water, and control the temperature in 15 ~ 20℃, 10 days after the seeds will germinate.

Mimosa Pudica