Mimosa pudica profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

Mimosa pudica profile

The characteristics of Mimosa pudica: 1. The leaves of Mimosa pudica can be predicted. Hours before an earthquake strikes, it suddenly Withers or closes. When it closes quickly and opens slowly, it means that the weather will clear up, and vice versa. 2. Leaf closure is one of the main characteristics of Mimosa Pudica. 3. Alternate leaves of Mimosa Pudica. The pattern on the leaves bears some resemblance to that of duck feathers. Besides, its flowers are round and small.

Mimosa Pudica picture

Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica prediction function:

1. This function is unique to Mimosa Pudica. Under normal conditions, the Mimosa Pudica leaves open during the day and close at night. But if an earthquake strikes, Mimosa Pudica Withers quickly, without warning. In addition, if the earthquake is in the daytime and is about to occur, the Mimosa Pudica leaves will suddenly close without human intervention.

2. When we touch the leaves of Mimosa Pudica with our hands, the leaves fold up more slowly than usual, but open quickly after folding, indicating that it is going to rain or turn cloudy. If the leaves close quickly but open slowly, it means the weather is about to clear up or become sunny.

Mimosa Pudica Closure function:

When we touch its leaves with our hands or something, Mimosa Pudica closes her leaves quickly, like a shy girl. If you continue to touch the leaf after it has closed, its petiole will have a tendency to droop, as if it were running away from your touch. But when we stop touching, the leaves slowly open again.

Mimosa Pudica

Leaves and Flowers:

The leaves of Mimosa Pudica have the distinct characteristic of being alternate. Alternate means that two leaves are connected to each other like a pair of wings. In addition, the veins on its leaves are very distinctive, and the trend of the veins is similar to that of a duck's feather. Also, Mimosa Pudica's flowers are round, with a hint of red, and they look small overall.

Mimosa Pudica