How to grow Lithops optica Rubra

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2021

How to grow Lithops optica Rubra

Lithops optica Rubra needs to be put in the sunshine, but also need sun protection in summer, to avoid the noon sun when breeding. Lithops optica  needs a year with lime, perlite, grain stone, organic fertilizer mixed soil. Lithops optica needs to be watered once every three days, half a month a fertilizer. Lithops optica Rubra needs to be warm in winter, to control the temperature to keep warm.

Lithops Optica Rubra

1. Lighting requirements of growing Lithops Optica Rubra

Lithops optica rubra is the plant that likes sunshine, usually need to be put below sunshine breed under the circumstance. Especially in winter, we need to bask in its more sun, which can prevent Lithops Optica Rubra frost frost, also can make lithops optica rubra gradually red.  However in summer below high temperature, we need to avoid the noon sunshine.

2. Replace the soil in growing Lithops Optica Rubra

In the process of breeding Lithops Optica Rubra, it is recommended every other year to replace the basin soil. lithops optica Rubra is planted to a larger container, and we can use peat soil, perlite, granule, organic fertilizer mix to do the soil, and make it grow well. Change the basin soil, as far as possible not to hurt the root.

Lithops Optica Rubra

3. Water and fertilizer management of Lithops Optica Rubra

Speaking of how to raise Lithops Optica Rubra, usually it needs every three days water, to keep its soil moist, but also timely to its topdressing fertilizer, suggest every half a month fertilizer, but should not give its fertilization overmuch, to avoid burning the root of the situation.

4. Keep warm when growing Lithops Optica Rubra

In fact Lithops Optica Rubra in the winter is very easy to frost freeze, so it needs to do warm measures. We can put Lithops Optica Rubra in the environment of sunshine breeding. At night we need to control the temperature by 10℃ or so, especially in the northern winter, we must take warm measures.

5. Prevention of diseases and insect pests of Lithops Optica Rubra

1. No other insect pests were found except starscream when growing lithops Optica Rubra. When the new leaves rise and split the old leaves, if the insecticides are killed, prevent the liquid from contaminating the cracks, so as not to cause the plant body rot.

2. Enhance illumination and stress resistance before Lithops Optica Rubra enters dormancy. At the beginning of June, sprinkle a carbendazim liquid to kill harmful bacteria.

Lithops Optica Rubra