How to grow Kalanchoe delagoensis

Written by Maggie

Mar 31 2021

How to grow Kalanchoe delagoensis

Kalanchoe delagoensis is a succulent perennial herb.Stems are erect, terete, glabrous, hollow. After getting Kalanchoe delagoensis, a lot of friends show-offs don't know how to grow. Now, let's see how to grow Kalanchoe delagoensis.

Kalanchoe delagoensis

1. Temperature and light for growing Kalanchoe delagoensis

Kalanchoe delagoensis likes a warm and sunny environment and is not cold tolerant. In its growing season, it can get all sunshine. The more light it gets, the more beautiful the plant is and the more compact the leaves are. In Summer high temperature it needs appropriate shade, to avoid exposure to the sun. In winter aquaculture can not be less than 2 degrees below zero. To grow Kalanchoe delagoensis, it is best to maintain 0 degrees above. The maintenance at ordinary times should pay more attention to ventilation.

2. Water for growing Kalanchoe delagoensis

Kalanchoe delagoensis are very resistant to drought, and sometimes do not die for a month without water. The growing season can be taken not watering, watering is watered thoroughly the principle, to avoid watering too much in summer. When we grow Kalanchoe delagoensis, it can be less watering in winter, and pay attention not to water on the leaves.

Kalanchoe delagoensis

3. Propagation of Kalanchoe delagoensis

The propagation of Kalanchoe delagoensis can be carried out by cutting the head or taking out the adventitious buds with large points on the leaves and scattering them on the breeding soil. With appropriate spraying, the roots will grow up in shade and ventilation, and the breeding can be carried out all year round.

4. Cultivation matrix for growing Kalanchoe delagoensis

Kalanchoe delagoensis has little demand for soil basic. As long as you keep the soil breathable, it can be anchored. Ordinary garden soil can be well kept.

Kalanchoe delagoensis