How to grow Hoya kerrii

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Hoya kerrii

Hoya kerrii rotten leaves need to add coarse sand and garden soil mixed matrix. In the breeding process, it needs to be put under the sun, if the lack of light can reduce its ornamental value. In the summer,  we can grasp the principle of seeing dry wet water, fertilizer once each month making it grow better. In the winter, keep the temperature above 7 ℃.

Hoya Kerrii

Hoya Kerrii's breeding method

1. Choose the soil

Hoya Kerrii needs to grow in a well-drained soil and a matrix that can provide nutrients to the plants in a timely manner. Generally, the leavened soil and the garden soil can be mixed with coarse sand as a matrix, and the mixture can be mixed in a ratio of 2:2:1. This kind of mixed soil can make Hoya Kerrii grow healthily.

2. Get plenty of light

If Hoya Kerrii lacks light, it will not only reduce its ornamental value, but also affect the flowering yield of the plant, and it may not even produce flowers. Therefore, in the breeding method and precautions of Hoya Kerrii, it must be bathed in sufficient sunlight, but the shade should be placed in summer to prevent the leaves from burning.

3. Water and fertilizer management

In fact, Hoya Kerrii can be in accordance with the principle of dry and wet watering, watering should be thoroughly soil, to avoid Hoya Kerrii basin waterlogging. Its roots are more sensitive to fertilizer, so generally do not need to give its topdressing. But if every other month once n, P and K fertilizer, Hoya Kerrii can grow better.

4. Cuttage propagation

Generally, Hoya Kerrii has a high survival rate by cutting propagation. The base leaves of Hoya Kerrii can be picked every spring, and some rooting agent can be sprayed on the wound to make it take root quickly in the soil. After being dried in a ventilated place, Hoya kerrii can be inserted into the sterile soil to avoid sunlight and wait for the leaves to take root and blow the pot.

Hoya Kerrii

Hoya Kerrii breeding matters needing attention

1. Temperature control in winter

Hoya Kerrii likes to grow between 18 ℃ and 28℃, and it's cold resistance is not strong. If the temperature is lower than 7℃, it will grow slowly; if the temperature is lower than 5℃, the plants will be frostbitten, and their leaves will lose their color and leaves. Therefore, in winter, try to control the temperature above 7℃ to avoid frostbitten plants.

2. Pest control

If the breeding Hoya kerrii environment is ventilated, not only unfavorable to the normal growth, it still can make plants suffer from the harm of diseases and pests such as aphids, starscream. We need to move immediately to the ventilated place, and topdressing a lot of potash, washing plants to reduce the harm of plant pests with the brush, and spray corresponding marathon emulsion.

Hoya Kerrii