How to grow Haworthia

Written by Maggie

Dec 08 2020

How to grow Haworthia

Known as the fleshy aristocracy, Haworthia.There are a lot of articles about its breeding methods on the Internet. This article is my own breeding experience, hoping to be helpful to novice flower lovers.


1. Soil for Haworthia

I usually use pure particles in the soil, and I mix the soil with red jade 5, deer marsh 3, phytonyx 1 and peat 1. Sieve the powder before mixing, which is very important to do. After mixing, generally sprinkle two packs of carbendazine 100 grams on a washbasin and stir it evenly.

If everyone online to Haworthia roots is very weak or simply not root, don't worry, this is bad and not see, send a root again instead more powerful in plant growth and basin;The roots of ridging I'm 7 with vermiculite and pearlite after 3 hybrid plants directly on the soil surface, keep soil moisture, attention that it is not wet. The temperature is between 20 to 30 degrees, and about a week or so will send the new root, nudging found large areas of soil and plants at the same time move the plants have roots and root hair has caught soil. Generally in this situation I will choose to plant roots so the soil continues to grow for a period of time, and the root system is more robust,About 20-30 days.

Good hair root of Haworthia because the roots are tender, then I transplanted into pure granular soil cultivation won't shake off the roots of vermiculite. Then pull out later with the tuo vermiculite plant directly into pure granular soil, the soil particles to the basin before I spray tide, the basin drenched. A week after the completion of normal running behind, when I see the obvious plants grow and can add fertilizer, I am using the green A2, leaves roots and declared a peak green plants are growing.


2. Illumination for Haworthia

Average household farming Haworthia are basked in across the glass. In addition to the summer, it can be full of sunshine, the so-called online Haworthia without sunshine or half shade breeding personally, I think it won't work. It is a violation of nature, not science, and I personally like to raise out is not the way I say lover, as for the so-called astigmatism on the network. I don't understand what is called astigmatism, which is too fuzzy, and in summer I usually pull the gauze shade at home.

3. Watering for Haworthia

About water I usually soak pots. Soil all color can be pulled out after paving, water as to timing. We can master a principle, never dry, micro wave will be drenched, novice if not distinguish, in a stupid way to use the same basin with the same soil. Water the unsure whether to put the bowl of soil poured out.

Saying again water, if there are conditions of pure water is best. Running water does not dry too long. It is important not to bask in water more the greater the bask in alkaline. Don't bother, I will adjust the PH of the water every time to 5-5.5, combined with my soil, the pelvic floor after the flow of water is about 6. In this way at least I didn't find the soil surface of crystallization.