How to grow Graptopetalum sp

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Graptopetalum sp

Aquaculture Graptopetalum SP should be watered once a week and once every half a month in summer, and the suitable temperature of 15 ~ 25℃ should be maintained to allow it to receive sufficient scattered light for growth, and the loose soil prepared by equal ratio should be provided for planting.During curing.It is necessary to keep its growing environment well ventilated and spray carbapenem and chlorothalonil regularly to make it grow healthily.

Graptopetalum SP

1. Control watering for Graptopetalum SP

Generally, graptopetalum SP should be watered once a week to meet its water demand, and the soil should be watered thoroughly. However, in summer, Graptopetalum SP is in the dormant period, at this time to reduce watering, watering once every half a month or so, which can make it have a smooth summer.

2. Temperature and illumination of Graptopetalum SP

The cultivation of Graptopetalum SP should pay attention to keep the temperature in the appropriate environment of 15 ~ 25℃, to avoid the low temperature below 5℃ in winter, and to keep the temperature below 35℃ in summer, and to make it receive sufficient scattered light, do not let it receive direct light.

3. Loose soil for Graptopetalum SP

Provide loose soil for the cultivation of Graptopetalum sp, which is also one of the cultivation methods and precautions of Graptopetalum SP. It is necessary to prepare the loose soil mixed with peat soil and wheat meal stone in the ratio of 1:1, so that the roots can breathe and grow well.

Graptopetalum SP

4, spray sterilization of Graptopetalum SP

If you do not pay attention to the sanitation of sterilization and environmental protection during maintenance, Graptopetalum SP will easily suffer from leaf spot disease and other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to spray sterilization solutions in time to eliminate the bacteria, so that Graptopetalum SP can keep away from the impact of diseases and stay in a healthy growth state.

5. Notes for breeding Graptopetalum SP

In the ordinary cultivation of Graptopetalum SP, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid growing in a hot environment, so as to provide a good ventilation environment and place it near the window or in the area with smooth ventilation, which can make the growth of Graptopetalum SP more vigorous.

Graptopetalum SP