How to grow Graptopetalum blackberry

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Graptopetalum blackberry

Graptopetalum succulent blackberry is a kind of succulent plant, mainly for ornamental value. It is more suitable for lazy cultivation.How to keep a Graptopetalum blackberry?It is very important to drain the breathable soil, water the right amount, and keep enough light. When the light is not enough, the plants will grow in vain, the color is not beautiful. We usually put it directly in the open place, paying attention to shade in summer.

Graptopetalum blackberry

succulent Graptopetalum blackberry cultivation method

1, light

Graptopetalum blackberry likes the light very much, but too strong sunlight is not good, so, when breeding graptopetalum blackberry, keep sufficient light. In spring, autumn, winter it can be put directly in the sun irradiation;However, the leaves of graptopetalum blackberry will be burned in the summer due to too much light. Shade the Graptopetalum blackberry, and it can be raised in the sun in other seasons.

2, water,

Water when the pot of Graptopetalum blackberry dry, watering must be watered thoroughly, which is generally the principle of growing watering.In summer, when the temperature is too high, the plants will stop growing. Water less in this season. In winter the temperature is too low, plants will enter the dormant period. At this time, water less.

3, temperature,

The best temperature for blackberry growth is 5℃ ~ 30℃ for Graptopetalum blackberry.This temperature is most suitable in spring, autumn and winter. When the high temperature in summer exceeds 30℃, the plants will stop growing. At this time, indoor breeding can be placed to help cool down the plants.In winter, the temperature is below 5℃, please pay attention to keep warm.

4, soil

Just like a typical succulent, the soil should be breathable and especially well drained because Graptopetalum blackberry can withstand drought but not flood.Watering can not lead to waterlogging. In rainy and plum rain season, avoid watering to avoid root water rot.

Graptopetalum blackberry

The breeding method of blackberry by succulent Graptopetalum

1. Leaf insertion and propagation

When mastered how to raise a blackberry by succulent Graptopetalum, and then a blackberry can be used for reproduction.Graptopetalum blackberry leaves can be inserted and propagated by using the fallen leaves, which can be broken off from the plant and put in a cool place to dry the wound slightly. Then the leaves can be exposed to the sun and sprayed for disinfection and sterilization. The leaves can be poured into the soil one day in advance, and then the leaves can be laid flat on the soil to fit the substrate as much as possible and wait for the leaves to grow new roots.

2. Beheading and breeding

Graptopetalum blackberry is a branch inserted and propagated. Cutting the top of a robust branch with 2 or 3 leaves, slightly drying the wound, sterilizing the substrate, watering it and cutting it.Insert the cuttings directly without shaking, and place them in the shade for rooting.

Graptopetalum Blackberry cultivation precautions

1, When cultivating Graptopetalum blackberry, it must return to the sun, except the summer sun. If insufficient light, the color of the leaves will become light green, and the place connected with the branches will be white, the plant will grow in vain.The Graptopetalum blackberry can be grown outdoors except in the summer.However, keep the basin soil drainage, avoid water.

2, Although Graptopetalum blackberry can grow at more than 5℃, but in the winter temperature below 0℃, water must be cut off, otherwise the plant will be frostbitten. But for a long time without watering, it will be too dry, so you can give the root a little bit of water. Never spray to the leaf surface, the heart of the leaf can not have water, and will cause decay.

3. In Graptopetalum blackberry cultivation, it is necessary to change the pot once every 2 to 3 years, because the plant will grow and the roots need more space and nutrients, so a larger pot and soil should be changed. Basal fertilizer can be added when changing the pot, and fertilization can be done once every season in the future.

Graptopetalum blackberry