How to grow Euphorbia tirucalli

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

How to grow Euphorbia tirucalli

Euphorbia tirucalli is a Euphorbia basin with good adaptability and low environmental requirements. For Euphorbia tirucalli cultivation, the perfect Euphorbia tirucalli basin can be obtained by breathable soil, proper watering, sufficient sunshine, warm climate, a little fertilization and proper pruning.Cutting is a common propagation method of Euphorbia tirucalli. Pay attention to scale insects, root rot and anthrax in normal maintenance.

Euphorbia tirucalli

1. Breathable soil for Euphorbia tirucalli

Euphorbia Tirucalli has low requirement for soil and good drought tolerance.They like fertile, well-drained, loose and breathable sandy soil, which is conducive to their root respiration.The leaved soil was mixed with garden soil and a small amount of river sand was used as the best culture soil.Due to its rapid growth, it needs to be replaced once or twice a year.

2. Proper hydration for Euphorbia tirucalli

Euphorbia tirucalli likes a dry environment and needs the soil moisture to be moderate.Euphorbia tirucalli root can store water, so it is very drought tolerant. In spring and autumn in a month to irrigate permeable 2 ~ 3 times, according to the "do not do not irrigate, irrigate thoroughly" principle.In summer temperature is high, water evaporation, we need to increase the appropriate amount of watering.In winter temperature is low, we need to control the frequency of watering, prevent excessive moisture damage roots.

3. Plenty of light for Euphorbia tirucalli

The fleshy nature of euphorbia tirucalli requires plenty of light, but not too much exposure.It belongs to a winter kind succulent plant, and in summer it is in dormant period. We should pay attention to shade, and it should be planted in an air-conditioned room.Flower lovers can put it on windowsills, balconies, and other places that can be exposed to astigmatism.

Euphorbia tirucalli

4. Fertilize a little for Euphorbia tirucalli

The requirement for fertilizer is very low for Euphorbia Tirucalli. Except for the dormant period in winter, only a little n, P and K should be applied every month during the growing period. The fertilizer based on k should not be too thick.Different amounts of fertilizer can control the rhizoma growth, thus changing the rhizoma size of Euphorbia tirucalli and controlling the growth pattern of its plant type.

5. Warm air for Euphorbia tirucalli

Euphorbia Tirucalli likes warm, and the best growth temperature is 15 ~ 25 °C.It has a high requirement on temperature and is especially not cold tolerant, so it needs to pay attention to maintain the temperature above 8 in winter.

6. Trim at the right time for Euphorbia tirucalli

Many flower lovers do not know how to grow euphorbia tirucalli. In fact, just trim and trim the branches in time to get a nice plant.Euphorbia tirucalli is usually pruned when transplanting and repotting, for easy combing of old, rotten and overgrown roots.

Euphorbia tirucalli